Selfish players and a complicated solution

Selfish players are an instant killjoy, sucking all fun from the match. Constantly running far ahead (and usually dying there), stealing every scrap of ammo (regardless of need, class, or teammates needs), and dropping out of the match the moment they go down or if they don’t get to press the button.

I realise people have different play styles, and just because other people suffer for it, might not mean that they shouldn’t be able to play their way.

So here’s my complicated, and likely difficult to code solution.

Add a system to rate players at the end of the match. If they were good teammates, rate them up and maybe check boxes indicating what they did well. Obviously the opposite for bad teammates. The players don’t necessarily need to be informed of what they’ve been rated.

Now here’s the important part. Have a separate match making list that requires the player to have a good rating to join. That way people who want to engage in good teamwork have the option to avoid bad players, and openly encourages team tactics as a core game mechanic.

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That’s on Fatshark. Ammo should be shared on pick up. For example in Borderlands game all pickups like ammo or money are shared. This way nobody steals, everyone have co-op Experience.

I don’t know what FS expected designing a game where range combat and weapons will be much bigger focus than in V2. People will steal ammo becasue they want to shoot guns. And if you want game to be co-op: easiest solution is to make ammo shared. It’s simple as that.

Plus it doesn’t help with their Anemic UI:

Fatshark: IS IT THAT HARD to make Ammo count to be shown next to each players like 138/349 etc? Your ammo icons changing colors tell nothing.


Hello. I just posted on the Sharpshooter and how it is effected by those players (plus some additional things)

My concern is with an upvote and downvote system is the same thing Youtube experiences… People will downvote you just to spite you

I think a better idea or line of logic to follow… Is to create some sort of counter. One that tracks how often you spend the match near a team mate. It would have to be slightly generous because Zealots and Ogryn need to be a few meters ahead of the team. Regardless, you would get points based on that

That is just me though


Relying on people to express a good judgement on random team players is naive.

There are SURELY metrics that are already in the game. Simply add an overlay that basically gives you a vote on your performance given those metrics.

You did lots of friendly fire? Lose points
Stay with the team? Gain points
Are you veteran and sniped elites/specials within a reasonable time? Gain point.
You didn’t? Lose points. There was a modifier that makes visibility reduced? Gain a multiplier on gained points and a reduction on lost points (harder to see).
Are you an ogryn and took the most damage? Gain points

And so on. Really, it’s something that already exists, Overwatch did it before this last disgraceful update for example.


Simple Solution: Communication. Talk to your teammates, let them know what you need. Give them the benefit of the doubt, and be polite and courteous about it. The best part is, this feature already exists!

If you run into a player who is no fun to play with because they won’t listen to anyone else? Shift Tab > Friends > View Players > Recent Games > Select Killjoy’s Profile > … > Block All Communication.

There, problem solved, you will never be paired with that player again!

Bonus Solution: Make some friends! Seriously, the game is a blast with friends, and won’t have to worry about random jerks ruining all your fun. Don’t have any friends? Make some! Be friendly, be helpful, be the player other players want to play with.

Best of luck to you and I hope your experience improves!


Welcome to co-op games tbh. This is a problem with pretty much any multiplayer game that I’ve played, and was a predominant issue throughout Vermintide 1+2 (and was called the Elf players, since they were the most common character these people played).

Darktide is trying to design around punishing these players, but in an attempt to punish them they’re punishing the rest of the group.

I understand the want to try to get teammates who actually work together for an enjoyable experience, but having a voting system isn’t the way to go. If there’s going to be a ‘punishment’ for people voting, it’s going to just be dragged down by trolling.

It’s all good and dandy but you must come from a parallel universe in which people even press that “Join as a squad” when a mission finished I guess.

The 95% of the matches are going to be people joining, maybe finishing the mission and immediately leaving. The downside of the marvel of matchmaking systems.

This is an issue fatshark cant do anything about. some people are simply put just dickheads… excuse my french, but its true. I think as a game developer, you are not responsible for shitty players. this is a co-op game and should be played as a team, voice communication included at best. a rating system is pointless. just block them, if they cant be reasoned with and hope that you will never encounter them again.


I think that the ‘downvote’ option should probably not be implemented into a game such as this. The ability to reward players with exemplary performance however is an interesting idea.

A player makes a clutch play and you want to upvote them with a ‘commendation’ (upvote essentially) at the end screen seems like a good idea.

Different commendations could be given by fellow teammates for different things.

etc etc, the list could go on.

The carrot vs. the stick approach is pretty much what we’re talking about and the carrot approach would definitely be the better of the two options imo.


This isn’t a complicated solution. It’s a half-arsed solution thought up on the spot that can be abused more than it can be useful.

Do not ever for a single second think that the proper solution for bad game mechanics is to implement a system where the players become the judge. This is an absolutely terrible idea. How about we just fix the bad game mechanics instead? Just a thought…

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You have a point there, the in-game social menu doesn’t seem to do a good job of displaying who you recently played with - it’s still early days, so we might find that this will improve later.

In the meantime, the official Darktide Discord server remains a good option for players to connect with other people who want to utilize coms/make new friends.