The darktide akolyth is Useless in the most Levels!

Hi Fatshark,

the problem with the Akolyth is to this time that he is only usefull when u have no range Enemys. When u have lvls with only Range Units u can make nothing only Hide or Die. All Range slows him as Fu** and When he use his charge he can become slow debuff, too. I have heard that People start voteban other Player when she see it is a akolyth and the lvl ist a range enemy lvl.

Here my ideas for make it better for the akolyth:

  • make a lvl 20 or 25 Perk that range units cant slow him no more.
  • Cancel the slow effekt for normal range units (elite and higher can have it)
  • reduced the normal Range Enemys (u cant make it when u play of 4 or 5 and u have in the lvl only range units. U have not enough ammo that u can kill all the enemys and for melee u die before u come in range)
    Make that the enemys have ammo cap, too. That the enemys run out of ammo and must go in melee distance. But make a random ammount of ammo that the player cant say when the enemy is out of ammo. (this is my favorit way =D)