The Dark Arts

Here’s a non-contentious thread for you folks. I’ve never seen a thread in here where we can dump some Darktide related media, so here’s one for your artwork, screenshots, drippy outfits, videos and what have you’s. At least until it goes a week without replies and gets auto-locked, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it eh.

I’ll kick it off with some propaganda I cooked up just now, for those of us who are just brimming with Moebian pride and those that don’t, but should.


images (47)~2


Back in december I tried to participate in the soundtrack-contest. There came some pretty good videos from the #DarktideSoundtrack tho! Too bad it was never announced who won…


Nice. You know, if there’s one thing I don’t see enough, it’s Darktide edits. Every once in a while I’ll go back and watch the class showcases they dropped pre-release. They’re all great testaments to how visually (and… audibly?) satisfying Darktide can be.

And @Khorne_Dawg don’t worry, this is pre-uprising. Nothing to see here.


Thank the emperor I’m not the only one doing that xd (tought I was the only wierdo)

101% agreed tho. The trailers are all top notch HYPE stuff and are just so satisfying to watch/listen to.


Real picture of me inspecting the latest dumpster fire thread:

I also forgot to mention the most important category; the memes. Here are some I found in discord servers long forgotten so no idea who made them;

(this is a personal favorite)


Current coloring projects, a hobby.


The first one is clearly heresy, second one looks pretty cool so far. Is it based on anything specific or just a personal idea?

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hand drawn attempt at a meme, still WiP


I just look for colorless fan art in google and then color it in myself. Very Zen. Im getting better at lighting too. Evidence in terminid image.
These are colored in sketchbook pro on samsung galaxy tab 7

If GW released a 40k colouring book, I unironically think it would sell enough to earn them some profit. I’d probably by one. But I get what you mean. I used to do loads of screenshot centered, static scenes in ArmA 3 and it was a similar thing for me. Great way to zone out and just do something stimulating and somewhat satisfying.

Even though it’s not DT related per se, here are a bunch I made that were 40k themed:

Blood Pact, Imperial Guard and Dark Angels

Great Crusade-era Raven Guard and Imperial Army parade

Cool dudes talking to other cool dudes

Guardsmen encounter a cheeky plague marine

Some random ones

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You colored these? You could get an audience with me as your viewer, showing how you did it, what tools you used etc.

No no, these are actual screenshots from inside ArmA 3 (a milsim video game, if you didn’t know). It has a mission editor where you can set scenes like this up. I just did it to tickle myself in the brain. Also I could look at the results (most of the time) and go “hell yeah”.

I know this game; i get it now.

I did some pretty good photo mode photography in horizon forbidden west for what its worth

Made some more propaganda featuring my actual strike team. Truly I have found my calling.


Most regiments are pulled from the PDF, rather than being directly recruited. Though some planets don’t have a PDF (like on fortress worlds where the entire population is already considered the PDF).

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There are some lines from the martyr skulls that make it pretty clear they were pulling recruits for replacement numbers from the general population.

But generally, yes, due to the Munitorum’s minimum requirements, recruits, especially for entirely new regiments, are usually pulled from already trained and equipped standing units.

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They’re just semi-satirical plays on real world propaganda, it’s not meant to be quite that deep.

Cadia was the quintessential fortress world and they raised PDF and regular regiments. The average citizen was just trained, equipped, and fully prepared to fight an invasion as their home in their Kasr was a bunker, sniper’s nest, pillbox, etc.

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