Thanx BrainfartsHark for the runs

Seriously. Hire a game designer and fire the troll developer.

That is a metal af Minotaur name


This post made my day :joy:

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Ok, now I‘m imagining a stadium full of Beastmen, their headbutt animation on loop, and a band of Minotaurs on stage, performing their set of latest hits. Including, but not limited to…

  • Illusionist-shadowstep-rampart
  • Mighty-shield shatter-crippling
    And of course ”For the Beast Lord“

Yes they need to throw out chain lighting and exploding range crits, its dumb aff, and nerf shard strike
otherwise git gut

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There were some odd changes to CW they never mentioned with the grudge update, like shard strike not making all not monster enemies stagger on contact anymore. They also made it so Shockwave works with the engineer’s minigun so I always swap range weapons in hopes of a poor man’s exploding crit.

Honestly I wouldn’t even call any of those bad. Minotaur w/o illusionist, shield breaker, or crippling isn’t too bad, and Stormfiends are always kind of a joke (though illusionist/Rampart could suck pretty hard depending on environment).

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Yeah, with no crippling or shield shatter on any of these, if you can play smart and patiently, they can be beaten without more trouble than it’s worth.

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The last one was a Stormfiend in the arena and I was an Unchained. I used my ult more times in the last map than in all the other maps summed together.

Stormfiends , especially in cramped spaces , can be devastating if illusionists because of the flame carpet bombing.

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The most amusing run I’ve had so far was against Illusionist Shadowstep Stormfiends, where we were stood in a Jade Sensor’s aura, which kept us alive and healthy as we tried to figure out which ruddy Stormfiend was the real one… I think we killed at the very least 8 of the damn things, likely more till we figured it out. There was so much fire, and so many Stormfiends, it was just the funniest thing xD

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