Rampart is toooooooo imba

even in legend tasks. just a rampart can fully destroy all range players. and if it also have Shield-Shatter and Illusionist its almost unstoppable.

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There are WAY too many Grudge marks that are nothing but a cheap , Unfun Gimmick that turns half your team into glorified Cheerleaders.

Really just. God-awfully implemented

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Illusionist is the real offender in that scenario, although i grant you, shield shatter and rampart make for a mean combo.

EDIT: I think it should work like the D&D spell, IE: the illusions should not be doing damage, the sheer confusion they bring alone makes it a decent boon.


rampart on its own isnt that bad, however its a hardcore enabler for other perks
shieldshatter, cripple, illusionist, might,… all become a dozen times worse if they are combined with rampart

Ahh you must mean something like this that completely screws over Range and Melee. In the UK we have a saying…

“This is total f*cking bollocks”

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I hate Rampart. I hate it. I don’t even mind shield shatter and illusionist, but Rampart just means nine out of ten of any given party’s best methods of dealing with monsters just flat out don’t work. Waystalker, Bounty Hunter, Huntsman, Ranger, Wizard, Pyromancer, and Engineer, all useless. What is this Warframe garbage of a mechanic?

well , Illusionist just buffs a little, beacuse you can handle it with bombs (or the BIG one). but rampart will change range players and bombs into Cheerleaders.

exactly, i think Archaon can’t be any stronger than it

lol I wouldn’t go that far, archaon would just be permanently immune to everything we have. only thing that might hurt him a bit is GK ult, but even then the armour of morkan is crazy OP. Man got swallowed by a dragon and didn’t even really get hurt by it.

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