Please remove the illusionist, rampart grudge perk

These perks are ruining the Chaos Wastes. Especially in the final level, where one with three grudges appear. If illusionist is one of them it is impossible to beat. And it is not a pleasant experience when all the time you put in gets vanquished repeatedly because of the same obviously misplaced trait.
I’m tired of seeing everything goes amiss in the final level because players got unlucky and we got these perks. This is beyond challegning. This is just unfair. Not to mention it is discouraging people from playing CW. Please deal with this

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Nah, its just skill issue. If you have quite bad team composition then you need to play around it.

I would concure, independantly those perk can be handled but I have had several ethernity citadel lost because of rampart + illusionist + [vampiric or regenerating].

Some suggestions for illusionnist for me (rampart is mostly fine as it force an interesting change in gameplay):

  • only two wave of illusion, one at the begining, one at middlif but stronger illusion
  • only two illusions
    -illusions don’t share the other grudge
    -the illusion pers count as two grudges
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Illusions should simply work a la D&D IMO. That is they should not be doing damage. The fact they distract you and can grab/blind you is bad enough.
As it is they also get the same grudges as the main body, for example they can cripple you.