Fatshark's undying, must-have Love of the Worst Possible Grudges

Honestly, It’s almost Comedic how these two grudges show up more than Literally Anything Else in the Game.

I’ll lay out why each one makes Chaos Wastes an obnoxious Slog instead of a Gamemode, And What can be done to Make it at the bare minimum Endurable

Let’s start with the worst of the worst : Rampart.

I have not had a single Expedition without 1/2 of the Monsters Being Rampart At minimum. Considering how many Grudge marks There are? This is absolutely Ridiculous

Rampart :

  • Punishes you for picking 10 out of the available 19 Characters (Counting all elves, let’s face it, everyone just takes moonbow anyway ) , That’s more than HALF the characters, not counting the number of times Chaos wastes has saddled a Zealot, footsoldier, Or Ironbreaker With a ridiculous ranged / bomb build.

  • Drags out a Fight By a Massive amount. Any fight becomes a tedious Bland trudge through an overflowing Sceptic tank where the only point is to just be done with it. The moment you see ‘Rampart’ Under a monsters name you may as well Throw half the Team off a Cliff.

And the other : Illusionist.

It is very seldom I see one without the other, too. Nothing says " We want our players to hate this gamemode " More than a Swarm of monsters that only half the party on average can do anything about. This one in particular Is terrible regardless, because :

  • Multiplies any monster problem By 4

  • is almost always accompanied by a horde , meaning You have to fight off 4 monsters and every rat this side of the bubonic Plague.

There are probably dozens of threads suggesting how to make these two grudges Anything more than what they are now : a Shoddy hackjob of an addition to an otherwise interesting Roster of Monster-buffs.

Which is not to look a gift shark in the mouth ,

Fatshark has made some Wonderful steps in making Grudges Playable, including the mino changes, the spawn changes, and the like. But for the love of whatever holy being you worship, could you Reduce the rate these two Grudges show up by any amount?

I literally see them more than All the other grudges. And this is On Legend, where there’s Ample opportunity for FS to put any variety into it.

  1. elf has probably the best selection among melee weapons there is
  2. moonbow dot does dmg through rampart imunity

regardless, rampart does not punish you for what career you picked, it punishes you for not knowing how to fight a boss…

how can people still not get this grudgemark…
the illusions deal near to none dmg, their only true threat is their additional CC, you can literally facetank them and kill them in a few seconds…
but yea if you think of them as a fullvalue monster and respect their dmg, block and dodge
all their atacks, you wont find the time to actually dmg the real monster, but thats lack of knowlege and not fatsharks fault really…

i call, confirmation bias

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