If you care about Chaos Wastes, Reduce the Chance of Illusionist And Rampart Happening

It’s what’s on the tin.

The two Most Fun-killing, " I should be playing something else " Additions to The Game .

And I see them more than Any Other Grudge mark, Bar nothing.

At first I thought it was Confirmation Bias. But After carefully Observing Well over a Month of daily CW runs , Every Run has at least 2 Of the above, if Not more.

It feels as if there’s only 3 Grudge Marks in the game , Period. And these two Digitized Karens Show up to talk to your manager at all times.

Just Do something about it already. You’ll fix Game crashes But not Fix something that’s a Party Crasher for the game. If the Grudge Marks are supposed to be randomly selected, Even having the Smallest inkling of it feeling random would improve it 15 Fold.

It doesn’t feel random, at all. it feels like " Illusionist, Rampart … Uuuh… Throw a third thing in " without fail.

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