Cataclysm Fortunes of War Completion

Regular stuffs:

Crowbill +30% Push/Block Angle, +30% Block Cost Reduction, Parry
Flamestorm +10% Chaos, +10% Monster, Barrage

Necklace +20% Health, +30% Block Cost Reduction, Natural Bond

Charm +10% Chaos, +10% Skaven, Decanter

Trinket +5% Crit Chance, +30% Stamina Recovery, Grenadier

The crowbill is my mighty stick in which I protect myself. The flamestorm is my igniter of worlds. I normally don’t get hit much so natural bond works nice. I just do what works for me and what I enjoy.



Tihs is epic gaemr moment.

Cna we hit 50 mf likes on this post?!?!?! :astonished::joy::thinking::scream::triumph::ok_hand::fire:

South text

What in heckin is going on with Bardin’s head?

GJ by the way! impressive :slight_smile:


I think he (and the others, too) just used their Career Skils for the screenshot. That’s what the Ironbreaker does for his.


Ah yes, I see it now.

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Nah fam, him and Kruber just deadass asserting D O M I N A N C E.

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Just curious, what was your build for BW?

Heh, I missed out on this group last night.
I play with mcdude quite a bit.

Thought it would be fun to get a “group photo” for the accomplishment. Kruber dropped a piece of ice in Bardin’s armor and it slid down his back during the shot though.

@LordRhinark @Fatshark_Hedge Thank you!

Those at Fatshark really outdid themselves with beefing up Fortunes for Cataclysm. It’s a heck of a gauntlet.

That is correct. I couldn’t do anything because I was holding X and trying to get a good orientation(didn’t want to drag everyone in modded realm to use photo mode, so I settled with that option).

I just added it to the OP. You can play all sorts of ways, but I really enjoy a defensive melee build and relying on the incinerating power of the flamestorm. The crowbill is really nice because it works well against armor and the heavies stagger a lot of stuff(frequently Chaos Warriors too!). I swap off to a more melee oriented set-up/career like Shade on occasion so my melee abilities don’t rust a bunch if I just play BW for a long time. It’s a different playstyle from some of the other things I do. I like rotating what I play to keep things fresher.

When playing regular stuff, I also really enjoy quickplaying because I get to meet new people and see different playstyles. Mixing things up is nice!

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