Fortunes of War - Wave and Spawn Guide + Resources

I created a guide on the spawn locations for most of the waves for Fortunes of War. Here is a map of the resources which are all accessible from wave 1:

Full wave images are on reddit. I’m not going to double post:


The chest with one of each heal on the face side of the statue (between the four bombs and a barrel in the map) is not available from the start. It opens up as the lightning lights up the rune on its location, so around halfway. It’s covered up by some debris beforehand. Afaik, that’s the only one to be closed at the beginning, though.

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Ok, thanks. I hadn’t noticed

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That troll and ogre gangbang with multiple waves and specials in between is a real shitshow to plan. I assembled multiple groups and it all falls apart here at this point. How to distract 2 bosses at once and how to situate yourself? This is a real difficult planning problem

If running bullet dwarf (set to potions) and a shade, the ogre should go down quick, troll not so much and is a total pain in the arse with its “you can’t damage me because reasons phases”.

I did my job as shade near perfect… literally. Its just so much pressure that people start going down and literally everyone needs to stay alive, can’t do this 3 man. Basically even 3 man its almost impossible to do it because someone is always occupied with boss aggro and 2 simultaneously is alot of distraction.

Then of course theres times Shade makes a mistake and it costs you, Shade is squishy af no room for error. I just don’t know the best plan for this circumstance. Everyone needs to be on point and alive to pass this challenge.

One thing I know for sure: practicing this level will make you into an epic player.

After failing this with my team back to back all day, we tried a few regular games and honestly ate up whatever the AI director threw at us. Literally ate them up like food. No more fear of patrols or chaos spawns or monster+horde gangbangs, all those impossible situations seem more manageable now.

This level exercises all skills to be a successful legend player.


I tried to make a clean and tidy reference guide to the important FoW spawns by wave. There are Choas and Skaven hordes throughout and i only mention them when there is a large gap between special/elite/boss spawns.

Its about 90-95% accurate, meaning i probably missed a couple things and some of the higher numbers could be incorrect. I tried to put ranges (i.e. 4-6) when i wasn’t sure.

Wave 8 comes from Grim’s post
The important part is that the Breaks are a potential 160-170s pauses between spawns that remain if you have 5 or more enemies remaining from the previous spawns.


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