Fortunes of War

Most people have probably unlocked the hidden level but have you actually completed it?

Its a complete shitshow. Does anyone have a list of the waves? I have been as far as seeing 3 bosses on legend and several waves of 10 packmasters / assassins at same time. It seems that with the greatest teams can sometimes make it really deep but several disablers rush and its just too much.

A buddy of mine sent me this, hope it helps

FIRST WAVEskaven horde 5 gunners

SECOND WAVE chaos wave skaven horde 2 packs, 10-020 SV

THIRD WAVE chaos horde 6-8 chaos warrios +mauraders, chaos horde, skaven horde, chaos spawn 5-6 packamster delayed

4TH WAVE 10- assassins +skaven horde, skaven horde, 20 SV multiple driections, skaven horde +3 stormers+trickle, 10 zerkers, chaos horde

5TH WAVE chaos horde+ maulers, 10 chaos warrior+4 leeches, skaven horde+6 gunners, 2 packs +15SV +skaven horde

6TH WAVE chaos horde +4 flamers, 20 plaguemonks, stormfiend +skaven horde +6 gasrats, skaven horde, skaven horde +6 packrats, skaven horde, 12 SV, skaven horde

7TH WAVE 12 plague monks+skaven horde, 20 SV +3-4 gas rats, 4 assasssins +skaven horde, 10 maulers +6 gunners, skaven horde

8TH WAVE skaven horde +10SV, 2 stormers+skaven horde,20 plague monks, skaven horde +10SV +5Gas rats, 4-6 stormers +20 chaos warriors, chaos horde

FINAL WAVE chaos horde+4 chaos warriors+4 maulers, Troll+Roger<BREAK>170seconds, giant skaven horde +3 assassins,<BREAK>160seconds, 12zerker+8 maulers, +3 packrats+skaven horde<BREAK>172sec Chaos Horde+2chaos warriors+4 maulers+4 gasrat<BREAK>165sec, 20SV+3gunner, 2packrat, Roger, <BREAK>160sec, Skaven horde+10plaguemonks, 2 assassins+1Gasrat+1gunner

BREAK> 160sec chaos horde+8 maulers, 2flamers, 16SV, 2 falmers, 2 stormers, 3 leeches, 5 chaos warriors

BREAK>chaos skaven horde, <BREAK>168sec Skaven Horde+10chaos warriors



I have to say the industrial intense music they chose for this level reminds me of old school Quake days. But great job with this level. Its the hardest level in V2 without a doubt

Yeah everyone been going on about how easy Legend is and so the Dev’s get all “Yeah?! so stick this up your trumpet! How you feel now!”.

I’ve got to maybe 7th wave on Legend, before I get machine-gunned to chum and blow up.

Maaaaan I don’t have a group of regulars, I don’t think I’ll ever beat it past Champ. XD If bots can even handle that.

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Man someone pls add me and let me know if you want to organize teams to attempt. Trying to run this public games is not working out.

I managed to beat it on legendary, after 3 days worth of trying, the thing the did the trick for me was: having a good team, communication, and the position. The last one was probably the most important.

Did ot legeng. Recipe is to have comfort careers and control your actions.
We had
IB 1h hammer, flamethrower, long taunt
Merc with 2h hammer, repeater, -30% cd
Whc with new weapon, xbow, -30 cd
Shade with daggers, xbow, for boss kills.

Health share for ib and whc. Temp hp for shade and merc. Potion share for all except shade. Nat bond for all.

Used speed potion only to get into position we need fast.
Grenades for F situations only.
Purple pots for shade to kill troll at start at 8th wave and kill second rat ogre, cause followed by specials and elites.

We stayed near the gate where horde comes from, moved as one when sht happpened (green winds and gas). Shade was our walking free person, when nedeed to kill bloghtstormer or gasrat war away.

Bardin with resourceful combatant, and whc to help those crits out had ult pretty often to control monks, cws or svs. Also temp hp from merc allowed him to take hits to regain ult when nedeee. Merc mainly sustained health for team, or special saving. Whc used ult for elites killing and special saving.

We tried few times with uc instead of whc but seemed like whc is far way better for that event.

When we did our first steps into map we tried different combos, like ranger bombs, ranger pots, bh for special sniper, bm with conflqg for croud control, fk for same reason, but when we ended up with party described above it felt so much easier we got to double boss at first attempt.

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There isn’t just one combination of careers that works. I am sure there are probably many other combinations that can beat this level. Whats more important though is planning and positioning.

The whole map is a set piece, unlike all the other maps. Enemies spawn from the same places on cue with the same bosses coming from the same spawn points and same areas. Even specials are on cue all coming from the same spawn points every run.

I can see people memorizing where enemies come from. But for public games, its really a super low chance of actually clearing this.

Thats because a team needs to get familiar with each other over several attempts, and in public games majority of people will try a run or 2 and quit and you have to start the process of finding people and working together all over again. If a team of decent enough players actually try to grind it through repeatedly over many attempts, learn from mistakes, then theres a chance.

My issue is that I have no regular group and most public players are too clueless. They just jump in without much planning at all, try a game, lose, then leave.

Hey I have you on my friends list. Will send you a message next time we get an open spot to attempt this.
We have consistently been able to get to the 6th and 7th waves.
Our main cause of wipe so far is packmasters.
There is a nice spot where all the gutters cant get to you.
Its just the damn packmasters creating a domino effect when one person gets grabbed amidst all the Chaos.
We have been using RV but I wonder if Slayer might be more suited.
I think next time we might give it a go with UC w/Crowbill, Shade, Slayer, and Merc.

Hey man I don’t have a problem with the assassin wave, but thats after the spawn/horde/hookrat gangbang.

Even with anticipating them most of my attempts wipe around wave 4 because of the hookrats coming during high distraction time with spawn and hordes. 90% games fail here right at this point. If can get past that the other waves I dare say are not that bad until the double bosses troll/ogre + hordes… thats the next big challenge part. With the double bosses and the huge chaos horde basically the Shade really needs to execute the job perfectly. This part is pretty much the only reason why Shade came to the party. I did the job so perfect one time it was textbook. But that attempt everyone else cracked and died. Really sucked.
Came here 3 times total and the other careers just cracked under the pressure. Everyone needs to stay alive at least

Here is a detailed description of the final wave Grim posted on reddit:

Oh man personally I memorized the waves composition all the way to the end. Its one thing knowing whats coming, its another handling the mess as a group. When people start going down its a huge problem. The biggest problem is packmaster waves, someone gets hooked creates a really bad domino effect

Aye. Thats exactly what I said in my post.
The packmasters causing a domino effect of destruction.
Hopefully gonna be giving it another go tonight.
Will send ya a message on Steam if we have a spot.

Ill be on. Open to playing kruber, elf, saltz or sienna

This level is amazing, seriously the most fun I’ve had playing vermintide 1 or 2. The atmosphere and heavy rain, electricity, music, all incredibly well done! And those waves of enemies…

Played it with one friend and two bots, with the bot combat mod we almost beat it on champ, I think we had two waves left on our best run. Pretty stoked to try it with a full team one of these days.

Can you imagine it combined with the perfect dark mod?

Most of the time cant see shoot cause surrounded by enemies, why eve bother with perfect dark lul

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Agreed. Bloody amazing set piece level. Truly a legend difficulty masterpiece of perfect execution. Its hard enough even not being randomized. Its all a set piece like a pre planned game of chess.

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Our usual group has made it as far as the final wave. That particular run was because of a ridiculous clutch I had on the shade. Mainly we reach the 2nd set of packmasters around wave 6 or 7. We will probably be attempting again tonight and if 1 of us doesn’t turn up, decent chance of that, there will be 1 free space.

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