Fortunes of War Legend True Solo

Hey guys, recently finished this true solo run on fortunes of war, something I haven’t seen anyone else do yet:

I am incredibly happy about this personal achievement, I’ve put in so many hours to make this happen, and I wanted to share it :smiley:


1h12 m ResidentSleeper

Are you sure this was Legend?

You only lost 21hp when that CW hit you… When I get hit by a CW on Legend, it takes nearly all of my health. (hit happens roughly around the 16 minute mark)

Don’t say it was from Barkskin because that only protects you from “subsequent hits” and you didn’t get hit before that.

Damage taken is dependent on how many enemies are aggro’d on that particular player. The more enemies the less damage per hit. In this case all enemies were aggro’d. I suspect that’s how it is happening.

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Epic effort on the true solo.

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Thats legend. 4:30 cw takes 7 shots to head to kill.
Not all cw attacks deals same amout of damage. punch is 20 and fast swipe is 50 i believe

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Haha what, of course I’m sure this was legend.

That particular horizontal attack from CW is bugged, basically always does 20 dmg. You can see the exact same thing on another of my videos here: 50 seconds in. Disregarding that, you can see other things doing just as much damage as it would on legend??? Blocked roger overhead at ~55:57 almost killing me, for just one example.

Had another person try to discredit this run the same way in a youtube comment, which sucks.


The dmg reduction only applies to marauder and below units.


Just to stop some of those kinds of detractors, you might want to include the Bridge at the beginning and result screen at the end. (Okay, I didn’t watch the video, so you already might’ve done it, and some people could still claim they were edited, but I think that’d be enough proof to some.)

Just hold tab at the beginning far easier non debatable.


It was done in the modded realm. That is enough proof of foul play for some on its own.

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I’m restarting every mission the instant I lose them without going back to the keep, showing off the bridge in-between every run would be a lot of wasted time. The result screen is shown at the end, as well as a short showcase of the weapons/trinkets used.

If someone was just having some doubts about if this is legend or not, they could have taken a look at how quickly things die, like the previously mentioned CW at 4:30. This is just straight up accusations, like I would seriously make a 71 minute video on champion and try to fool them into thinking its a legend run. Just insulting.


Does holding tab show the difficulty?

Yes right bottom corner

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Great to know, wish I knew that earlier

Some people are stupid and/or trolls deliberately throwing accusations. It’s obvious it was legend. Anyone who plays the game seriously can see that.


Thank you. And sorry to everyone else if any of my replies seemed a little too salty. I put in a ton of hours to make this happen, and it’s easy to become a little upset when people try to discredit all of that effort. Appreciate all of your comments on how to make this less of a problem in the future.


I wish they would just sanction the killbots mod. Then true solos are far less of a pain to run in the official realm and naysayers have no comebacks.


Truly epic run! Mad props!

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Thanks a bunch! :smile:

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