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I posted this on the Steam forums already, but not sure if the developers and community managers keep their eyes on it as much, so I came to bring my suggestion here in the hopes it will be read.

Fortunes of War is listed in the lobby browser, but you can’t actually join anyone/host it for other people to join. I understand this is supposed to be a hidden easter egg sort of map, but I think many would appreciate if you could host/join others for it, as having to go on the forums all the time in search for people to play with gets to be very tiring, especially considering every other map in the game is functionable in the in-game lobby browser.

Perhaps one way to do it, is to have it so that once you unlock the map, it is then searchable/hostable with the custom games setting?

Either way, I hope something could be done, as I feel like half the challenge of completing this mode on Legend at least, is simply finding people for it.

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As it’s a bit of a tough cookie, getting a PUG on legend to even last halfway could be horrific.

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That’s not the point.

The point is that the map is listed in the lobby browser, yet you can’t join anyone nor host it yourself for people to join like you would any other map. I do not know if it is a bug or not, but it is strange seeing it in the lobby browser and yet, you can’t do anything with it.

I wholeheartedly agree with this.
Even if you have the skill and will required you need to find 3 people who are likewise and connected at the same time, and willing to fail and try again, etc…

Yes. We need Fortunes of War lobbies to be actively shown.

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Having mulled this over, it’s the same issue as Deeds - people joining on the last lightning rune will get the map completion without doing any of the heavy lifting.

Not to mention if 2 people join in the middle of a Spawn/Packmaster gang-banging I’ll be GG damn fast.

So we’re now looking at only showing lobbies that are literally about to start - with the map selected but people not in the Portal - to display in the browser.

The issue is that FoW lobbies don’t show up on the browser if you’re trying to host it. People can’t actively join before the game starts.

What I’m saying is that the map is treated the same as a deed and won’t show up. The OP is suggesting that it’s a problem because you can select FoW as a specific map to look for with the arrow buttons on the left but nothing will ever show up.

I was playing with a friend hosting fortunes of war. When we gave up and queue’d quickplay as host people joined saying they found fortunes of war listed on the lobby browser asking how we did it.

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My opinion on this is: So what? Is it to maintain the prestige of the legend border for people who finished it “legit”? Every attempt I’ve been in has had at least one person trying to cheese it by abusing hidey holes and stealth.

This is the real problem, but I suppose they could get around it by not spawning people in while a wave is in progress.

I know I’ve seen it there too. No idea how to do it though.

I’ve seen this happen too. I guess if you do it in that order then your lobby will show as FoW? It seems buggy.

Yea, Fortunes of War should be visible on lobby browser like other maps. The trophy and frame should be only for DLC owners and ppl who unlocked it thru playing. Also I think FoW need better reward for successful finish.

Yes, please allow quickplay search for fortunes of war!


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