Fortunes of War Exploit - Needs urgent fixing

A few minutes ago I joined a public game of Fortunes of War through the lobby finder on cataclysm difficulty and encountered a group abusing an exploit to easily plow through the challenge and get the frame reward.

They do so by hiding in a certain spot neither hordes or specials can get to or attack. Gasrats don’t seem to throw their bombs into that spot either. They flaunted the fact that the only danger comes from Bosses, as they have enough range to attack.

I’ve got detailed screenshots of the users and the exploit in question. I myself left after a few minutes of talking to them. For obvious reasons I won’t post an image of the exploit in question.

Is there an email I can send the screencaps to?


Hol’ up

Since when has lobby search for FoW worked?

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Upload your images privately to a server, then send the links via PM to the devs!

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You can either PM me here, on Discord (Julia#7445) or Thank you. :slight_smile:

Also, it’s my undersanding that Fortunes of War still shouldn’t be available via the Lobby Browser, so that’s odd in itself!


Thanks, I just sent you a PM with the screencap and a description of the exploit.

I came across the game searching for Cataclysm games in the lobby. For some reason Fortunes Of War popped up among the few games available and I gave it a go. I didn’t even know that it wasn’t supposed to be found there.

Now, that is something. We don’t want cheaters to walk around with the reward that marks the highest skill possible in the game, do we?

Still, @nemy123, Once it is fixed, can you publish the screenshots or DM those to me? I wonder now what place it was.

Sure can do. If the devs confirm that it’s fixed I can send it to ya.

I hope we’ll have more people to play cata with by then, so I can actually give it a go myself. Most of my people put the game on hold until bugs are fixed.

Fow is excluded from quick play. But if someone starts it and has no full party you see it as joinable game.

It’s the same people who are entitled to clearing Legend/Cata but can’t be bothered to put in some effort…
…or the people who got their Legend FoW frame by glitching out of the map with Sienna before…
…or the sad plebs who farmed their 500 Deeds on Recruit (I wish I was making this up :smiley: )…

… and it’s why those frames are completely worthless.

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There’s nothing wrong with running 500 Recruit Deeds for all the deed frames. That’s still playing by the rules. That’s still a lot of time spent playing the game legitimately.


Because it makes total sense that we get the exact same frame for running 500 Legend deeds as we get for 500 Recruit deeds, yeah.

It’s not like Deeds were, from the very beginning, marketed as “endgame above Legend”.

A lot of time mashing a single button with HM and soloing maps on Recruit while watching a movie on the second screen… whew, what a challenge!
Trophies for everyone!

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Deeds are deeds. It says specifically in the description of the reward that it is given for 500 deeds completed no matter how hard they are.
Yes, some people may have chosen to play recruit deeds to get it, although the majority of the players plays Champion or legend deeds just because they gain a better loot, and so it is a cognitive distortion to think that 500 deeds represent a well-seasoned above-legend player. It is often so, but it is not an obligatory. And yet the frame has been gain legitimately either way. You can not judge players for choosing one way or another, but only your preconception and assumptions.

But FOW is an ultimate challenge that can not be gained “an easy way”. Or, as we all agree in this topic, must not be. That’s why FOW Cata frame is a sign of the highest skill level and still has a huge value in a player’s self-esteem

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I’d question that statement, given the fact that FOW has memorizable spawns and only functions on the first tier of Cata. Cata 3 Weaves would technically be more impressive, if Weaves weren’t such a messy concept as a whole.

You might wanna read the OP up top again :smiley:
Before Cata, Legend FoW was also cheesed to oblivion by plebs glitching o-o-b with Sienna.
That frame is worthless, sadly.

I have been able to join a lobby several times too. The same guy was hosting continuously

I would be interested once it is solved too.
We did it with a group, and trying to redo it for some other friends. And it hurts to know that we do not not the map as much as we think :wink:

That frame worth a lot to you if you did it legitimately.
You can be proud to have obtained it. So it is not worthless.

Allow me to respond by quoting the only sentence in my previous post that you yourself did not quote.

“That’s still playing by the rules.”

It honestly sounds like you don’t like the way Fatshark designed that “challenge”, and thus you appear bitter towards those who go the easy route.

You could always make a post about it in the Feedback section if you want it adjusted. :slight_smile:

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