Vermintide 2: Fortunes of War

I have played Vermintide 2 since release and since then, my friends have moved on to other games. With the newly introduced dlc, and its Fortunes of War mission, I find it pretty difficult to complete on legend by myself. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I would still very much appreciate the option to queue for that specific mission, or have other join your game through quick play, or a new slot in the dlc maps to choose that one specifically. Beside the point of it being much more difficult because some players don’t have friends that also play, I would find it fun to join random groups and see how we do.


Have seen this request a lot since the DLC and it does make sense to have a feature for this in the lobby browser.

A few “work arounds” you might try:
Starting a game and when people join ask if they want to try it.
Join Blood Moon Inn and Squirrel Squad Discords and get a group together.

Not sure why it isn’t in the lobby browser seems a massive oversight to me.

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