About Fortunes of War and Bögenhafen Loot Chest weekly

Just some thoughts I have in how to make the two slightly better in my opinion.

Fortunes of War is basically the “Last Stand” gamemode form Vermintide 1, except that it has much more variety in terms of enemies and an actuall end (never played Last Stand long enough to find out if it had an ending). It is challenging, has some impossible spawn (ie mass packmasters or Gutter Runners) and to me is a fun secret map from the latest dlc Back to Ubersreik. The reward, however, for this challenge is really lacking.

During Fortunes of War you will be able to recover at least 3 guaranteed Loot Dice, as you WILL face 3 monsters/bosses during it’s run. Each boss drops a Loot Dice, and if you are lucky you might find one or two in chests. But there are no Tomes, no Grims and no Quickplay bonus, meaning that the loot chest you get at the end is very basic and gives pretty crappy rewards. It’s like, there is no Point to go through the challenge. It also doesn’t help that you can’t play the thing even if you wanted to without AI, as people that want to play it must first find eachother through quickplay or other means, and hope that everyone wants to join, because as soon as you queue for the map, no one can find you.

So there are two things that must be done to Fortunes of War to make it playable and something you actually want to do.

  1. You must at least add the map to the Lobby Browser, however only people that have unlocked the map should be able to find it. DO NOT add it to quickplay! The map is to different and most people will probobly leave or kill themselves to get a different map if they get it that way. Via the Lobby Browser, people that WANT to play it can at least find people to play with. (Even if it is a pug group.)

  2. Make the reward better. If you can’t add something to make the Loot Chests upgrade more, then either guarantee an Emperor’s Loot Chest upon completion or also give the players a chest that grants them a random Cosmetic that they don’t already own that can drop from regular chests or Bögenhafen chests (althought players must have the DLC for the Bögenhafen content). Or even better, do both. Emperor’s Loot chest AND Cosmetic Chest. Perhaps even give more Cosmetic chests depending on the completed difficulty. 1 for recruit, 2 for veteran, 3 for champion and 5 (yes, 5) for Legend.

Aout the Bögenhafen Loot chests. I don’t mind them, but you get them WAY too slowly. This is how I believe you could improve the weekly quests for the Bögenhafen chests to allow people to get them quicker:

  • The quests are fine. The amount of stuff you have to do and that you have a week to complete them. That is fine. BUT if you have completed a quest and there is an empty slot, then the slot will be filled with a new quest the next day. Not a weekly reset, unless the timer for the quest goes out, but a daily one, if there are completed quests.

And those are my thoughts. Any other suggestions, or what do the Community Think? Do not be rude please ^^


You cannot bind things of one dlc to another.
Would look really bad if someone payed for Bögenhafen but not Ubersreik.

They only give you a portrait frame for actually completing it.

Would be AWESOME as hell if it allows you to unlock some new weapon or at least some kind of locked weapon skin on legend. I really believe there should be some kind of game impact something unlocked other than JUST a portrait frame. They just did not put thought into the reward enough :frowning: i dont even think normal loot is appropriate for this! Needs some kind of seriously epic reward. A skin, a weapon skin and a portrait frame. All something exclusive to legend completion and for the unlocking career: would be way more appropriate for this.

The challenge level is the highest in the game for laughably low stakes.

Only outstanding skilled players can beat this on legend. Its not a common thing to find people that beat it. And everyone who has are no surprise… really good players.

Man my group and I get to the troll ogre part many times now and have really super unfortunate luck with things I swear. 1 day soon I’ll finish this on legend

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I think that the whole purpose of FoW is to challenge the top notch players who are asking for something harder. You can argue and say that such a hard challenge should end with an epic loot… but why should it? Overcoming the challenge itself is a reward enough + you get a cool bragging icon.


FoW is for challenge and fun and bragging rights. If you beat it on legend you get a portrait frame that will command mad respect. IMO it’s the perfect reward because it can be worn universally, vs a weapon or a skin that will be career dependent and therefore worthless to anyone who doesn’t use that weapon etc.

Also consider that the folks good enough to beat this on legend already have loot coming out the wazoo, so they don’t care whether they get a commoners or an emperors.

I guess a solution might be getting to pick any red weapon or cosmetic as a reward?


Having to own the dlc to get one really hurts the bragging rights.


I believe that bragging that you got a frame is kinda… eh. Who cares? It’s just a frame. So I still think there needs to be improvements to Fortunes of War to make it “Worth it”. At least the Group finding part must be fixed.

Find it a little funny how no one has anything to say about the Bögenhafen chests weekly thing that I said earlier. Does that mean you agree, or…? :stuck_out_tongue:

You aren’t bragging about the frame lol, wearing the frame is bragging that you beat it on legend. The challenge is the reason to play it…

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Its 5 actually. Spawn > Stormfiend > Troll & Ogre > Ogre, at least on legend

Thats pretty good man, you’re almost to the end! Its honestly pretty easy after you beat that troll / Ogre part, its recycled waves after that! Good luck! I can give you a tip however, during the troll and ogre, its 3 min before another wave spawns or if you kill all the enemies (sans bosses) it spawns instantly, so thin the wave as much as possible and you should have 3 min to just kill the bosses while 2 mobs bounce around. GL!

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Its 5 actually. Spawn > Stormfiend > Troll & Ogre > Ogre, at least on legend

Ah, I see. Haven’t tried it on Legend yet, but it has been at least three on all my attempts so far. There will be a few at least. xD

Correct me if I’m wrong… You would like to have more than 3 quests/chests per week? If so, that’s a topic that has been debated a lot. Some (myself included) believe that 3 chests per week is a rather fair number because in that way you won’t get all of the rewards in a short period of time. You will have something to chase for months to come.

Again, that’s subjective. For me, frames and cosmetics are big and really important part of Vermintide. I don’t know if you’ve played Warhammer online. Upon finishing PvP (or RvR as they called it) and PvE challenges you would be rewarded with a trophy/medal which was presented on your armor. It was a really cool thing and I remember walking through Altdorf proudly presenting my trophies and medals which I obtained by slaying chaos heretics and greenskins.

First of, just wanted too say that the latest thing I wrote with the Bögenhafen chests I wrote jokingly, but I simply wanted it to be discussed too. Thus the " :stuck_out_tongue: " smiley. :slight_smile:

You aren’t entirely wrong. I want the possibility of more quests a week. I see your point, but I, along with some other people, don’t play every week. Perhaps, you take a break from it to play other stuff, maybe you are on a vacation and can’t play, maybe is working a lot or something else. Having to spend 50 weeks (I saw that number around somewhere, could be wrong) in order to get everything, especially as a collector, is just incredibly frustrating. I am not saying “Give it to me NOW!”, I am saying, why can’t I work for more if I want to? I am still playing the game, and I will for as long as it is being developed, even in the months in-between when nothing new will be added. But a game, that is supposed to be entertaining and fun, that has things you can collect in it but can’t always work towards it, makes it less fun and frustrating. I have the same issue with Blizzards games, especially Heroes of the Storm with their event exclusive stuff that you can only get during that period, or that you can only get once, ever, and then it is gone and unobtainable forever so only some people have the things. I, for one, want my games to be completable, both storywise and collection-wise, at all times.

As for the frame thing, yeah I know, that is my opinion. I don’t care about frames. It is the most useless cosmetic in my opinion and to use a frame to brag that you completed something, to those people this is all I have to say:

“Look, good on you for completing it, but you may still be a pretty bad player, I don’t know that based on your frame. It might be the others that helped you do it that made it happen. But the frame does suit Bardin’s portraits.”

The thing you mentioned in Warhammer online sounds pretty cool, since it is actually displayed on your character. If I wanna “brag”, then that’s where it should be or in ones home, like the keep in this game. I find the gold pedistal displaying the Izrakrak you get for completing FoW on Legend in the keep is more bragworthy, except it presents the same issue as the frame.

Other Cosmetics, like for weapons and clothes and stuff, that is neat. It makes you want to ask “Oo! Where did you get that??” so that you could get it yourself. The problem currently is that I know where I CAN get them, but I can’t because I HAVE to wait so long for more opportunities. That is frustrating to some people, myself included.

I really REALLY wish it would show up in lobby browser :frowning:

I noticed just a few hours ago that you actually can SEARCH specifically for Fortunes of War in the Lobby Browser, but I couldn’t find any games, no matter difficulty or search radius. So maybe it is a bug and is supposed to show up? I don’t know…

FoW map works like heroic deeds. If u make lobby, game read that like private game lobby. Personally I think this lobbies for this map should be visible for all who already unlocked it thru solving riddles.

It really should be in the lobby browser.

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