Thanksgiving crash

A friend of mine and I are playing VT2 a lot more now that the Outcast Engineer has been released. He is experiencing crashing while playing. We have both unsubbed and resubbed to VMF.

attached are crash logs from both computers. Map was skittergate, both of us crashed fully out of game.

we then went to a different map to see if crash was skittergate only, he crashed out while I did not. map was festering ground.

my crash_dump-2020-11-26-13.40.23-30dc4a3b-691b-40a7-81ee-49e3d85fb22f.dmp (679.9 KB) his crash_dump-2020-11-26-02.46.50-bb732d85-ac3f-4d44-8da6-82976ee8c958.dmp (763.9 KB)

Firstly please make sure you have the latest patch installed - released about 30 minutes ago. Should your crashes persist, please upload the corresponding console logs (as opposed to the crash dumps) or the crash report produced in here. Thank you!

copy that, thanks FSJ.

he DID install the patch between the skittergate crash and the festering ground crash, and I’ll make sure to post a console log next time.


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