Persistent crash issue

Followup of Thanksgiving Crash post (Thanksgiving crash)

Friend is still having a persistent crash despite reinstalling VMF and validating steam cache. He is unable to get through a level right now without the game crashing out on him. This is a relatively new development.

I have attached both his and my own console logs from our latest attempt in which he crashed out and I did not. Not sure if my file is worth anything to you, but figured you’d know better than console-2020-12-01-03.45.42-6f4e8fe8-11aa-40dd-a799-90434f844524.log (346.2 KB) his console-2020-12-01-03.58.18-c1071786-36f5-4671-b804-405d61f866a5.log (356.3 KB)



Hi @KillerCorvid,

Looking at your friends console log I can see they are encountering a GPU-related crash.

I recommend getting them to run through the solutions in the following article:

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