Game Crashing without crash report (Not Okri's Bug)

It started with the last patch, I disabled all the mods but still the game crashes in different stages of the match, sometimes at the start and sometimes in the middle. Not necessary while playing the Outcast but in all cases an Outcast was in the game. No crash report to show because I didn’t get any, the game just closes. I would like to give more info but that’s all I can give without a report. I was thinking that maybe it was the anti-cheater.

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Console logs pleeease! We need to see the logs associated with the sessions in which this has occurred.

Timestamps within the log names should help you locate the corresponding log(s).

  1. Press the Windows key + R
  2. Enter %appdata% within the search input and select ‘OK’
  3. Navigate to AppData\Roaming\Fatshark\Vermintide 2\console_logs

Thank you!

Ohh I forgot about the console logs, I’m sorry.
Here you go, these are the last three (idk if you need all the folder, I’m guessing thats too much) console-2020-11-20-06.46.48-a762494e-2eb1-4efd-83b5-0a0caef455c3.log (373.3 KB) console-2020-11-20-13.08.23-27c0760f-20aa-4363-804c-0f224cad957d.log (2.9 MB) console-2020-11-20-06.40.40-d9192d36-f6c1-4a6b-bc9a-ef8df5b92429.log (183.3 KB)

I’ll second this
I also know of someone else that’s getting the same thing

All mods disabled
Getting random crashes to desktop with no error message

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@Volskaya Do you have the hotfix - released earlier - installed?

Apparently I started playing before the patch was uploaded, now I see that the download finished in steam’s download queue once the game closed, so hopefully that will fix it. I cant play right now but when I do I’ll test if it keeps crashing.
Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m pretty confident that’ll solve it for you. Lemme know if you have any other problems!

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console-2020-11-21-15.10.12-8e051e0e-0f4c-4c3f-8557-55c26eb41b5d.log (772.0 KB)

cool, didn’t know abut this consol log thingie. This is the last crash i had.

Hiiii, its me again. I just had a crash like the others, no error msg. This time I had most of the mods I use activated (I have the majority of the “QoL” mods). I was playing as the Outcast in Righteous Stand. Here are the console logs from today: console-2020-11-21-18.25.06-f4e410b8-a6fc-45d6-96b8-8a6693ed1371.log (976.3 KB)
I dont see any patch/hot fix to download in steam’s queue and the graphic drivers are up to date.

My friend and have both had the same issue today. We have the 3.4.01 patch installed. CTD with no message.

My last three console logs, not sure if you only need the latest:

console-2020-11-21-16.06.59-10bf17ca-54b0-4c6d-ad93-13b8f98dbe55.log (1.6 MB) console-2020-11-21-18.47.18-bfe8dee3-c5a6-4a5a-9062-7d5970bb2f18.log (1.4 MB) console-2020-11-21-16.48.48-e399ec0d-7e08-4f42-856b-f81aed3ef03f.log (139.3 KB)

Patch did not fix it for me. My game crashes every time I attempt to join an online game.
console-2020-11-21-19.13.10-fcac55ef-3876-418b-b11e-2efa8469e314.log (249.8 KB)

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