Thanks and Suggestions

I’d like to start this off by stating Vermintide 2 has been everything I wanted it to be. It plays the same as its predecessor but the addition of Masteries has been nothing but a boon, adding that extra touch of fun. Nothing beats using an ultimate skill to turn the literal tide of combat.

Everything from level design to character models is absolutely fantastic. Which leads me to things I’d love to seem that are hopefully already in the works.

More voicelines! The banter between these 5 heroes, from snide remarks to raucous compliments, would be a welcomed experience by many. More flirty taunting from Sienna to Saltzpyre, Maybe Kruber takes a jab at the elf for missing a shot, Dwarf complains about blood in his beard, Kruber mocks a ratling gunner for ‘nearly striking my hat’, Kerillian says literally anything besides ‘mayflies’ or ‘lumberfoots’, Sienna remarks about her time at the Jade College while traveling through the Elven ruins, Kerillian says something about her homeland, banter about Lohner/Olesya, Saltzpyre compliments everybody more.

This is my personal problem with the game and it has nothing to do with the gameplay. Second game, new adventures with old ones behind them, and it i’ve yet to hear any reference except when we beat skittergate.

Also hats. I will buy them if you sell them. Forsake not my wallet with the option for Man Dazzle for my crew.

Having purchased nearly 6 copies as gifts for my friends, all the worldly faith left in me is in you and your talented crews capable hands! I look forward to the DLC!