Thank you v2 devs

Thank you thoroughly and sincerely vermintide 2 devs for all the work you’ve put in, and especially for all the features that have been added to the game in the past few years.
Exploding rats in weekly missions will endlessly cheer me up. Thank you for your hard work and creativity in incorporating this into the game.
Thank you for one of the most gratifying dwarf experiences that I’ve been able to be a part of. I am and always have been a dwarf in multiple video games, and used to read stories about dwarfs as a child. Thank you for giving us the chance to be a part of okri’s ventures and tinkering.
Though we’re always stoked for any new additions to the game, I feel like we’re really lucky to have this game and your work and creativity. You guys rock!

Would love to see more character skins and customization. Would love for many weapons and classes to be adjusted to allow them to be just as viable as the S or A tier classes or weapons. Not sure how you’d go about that, but I suppose that would be up to you.
Would LOVE for chaos wastes to have a mode or option to be able to do like up to a 20 mission campaign. The alters and missions are great, but I also thought it would be neat to add obstacles, like a bridge that could crumble for example and wash you downstream. This might be something neat to consider.
Slayer specifically is soooo squishy. I know he’s not a tank, but if he had some sort of passive to survive a bit better. I miss being able to effectively use him as being viable in higher difficulties.
THANK YOU for salzpyre’s hats and outfits for zealot. XD I feel this so deeply that it brings me to tears.
Thank you for the updates and changes to the castle keep. Little corridors, rooms, decorations. This is SO important, and allows serious parkour players to wander about and explore. You guys rock.
THANK YOU for the ‘creating a looking for group’ post option now. This is and has been amazing for helping me to find friends to game with. You guys rock.
Please consider allowing players to attach modifiers to missions when launching them. Applying deeds seems limited compared to being able to setup a mission with the desired modifiers for fun purposes.
PLEASE allow xbox one users with keyboards to spawn enemies within the castle home base, just like pc users, so that we can actually test our own breakpoints. This is so horrid for us to have to guess at our breakpoints, and then try them out in missions in order to see if its working as opposed to being able to spawn enemies in the keep.

Thanks Thanks!


While appreciation posts are very wholesome and welcome i cant help but get stuck upon a point here.

Slayer is great and not even overly hard to play if you know what you are looking for, i´ve done plenty of solo´s with him. Lacking any all around damage resistance shouldnt be a problem with a spammable leap that borderline stuns everything nearby.


Yeah gotta echo @Frostysir here. Slayer has an incredible kit for high difficulties. Great at soloing, great at clutching, and a very good frontliner for the more cooperative minded Slayer player.

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If anything were changed about Slayer, it’d be to give him something that benefits the team. That career is a melee killing machine, but not much else.

Ranger Vet drops ammo
Ironbreaker taunts
Outcast Engineer grants ranged power to allies

Almost every class in the game I can think of off the top of my head has some kind of team bonus. I guess Slayer is just good at killing things for you and with Crunch talent, or any blunt weapon, he can stagger a lot of stuff. Besides that, his talents and passive abilities don’t really help the team much unless you really need some more melee strength.

Can i raise the irony of a GK main pointing this out? :joy:

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I don’t think that is fitting for the Slayer way. Its one of the most enjoyable careers to play right now, the only thing I’d change would be to make his leap trajectory ballistic again as it was at game’s release and not this comical WWF arse-bash that it kinda looks like now.

Also, what about ‘Oblivious to pain’? Isn’t it means to make him less squishy?


Hey, GK appreciates some good shooters to help out.


I agree with this. As long as the Lady’s holy knights don’t have to touch the shooting kit a few peasants with bows/crossbows/guns/whatever is useful. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea they pretty well trashed leap attempting to fix OOB clips which you can still do anyway. It really makes it next to impossible to try to make good on the damage bonus you get while airborne. I’d straighten that out and rework 1000 cuts/skull splitter to not force you into double builds because Bardin already has limited variety in his melee.

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Not to me, he’s not a very dynamic career. There’s only so many different hack n’ slash only melee builds I can do. Even with that aside, there’s another aspect to this. When I see a slayer join the team, it doesn’t open up a lot of new gameplay possibilities and breakpoints like having someone who grants the team some kind of passive bonus or has a unique team helping ability. There’s not much team Synergy. The same thing goes for Pyromancer; there’s no major benefit to having them on the team besides maybe monster damage.

I didn’t say he was squishy.

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Well from what I understand about this career is that he is supposed to be essentially unbound from physical proximity to your team. Hence the leap and the rest of his kit.

Well this whole argument is valid only if team benefit is measured in some kind of numbers that you get from having a certain character in the team. I disagree with that entirely, so I cannot comment further on this.

Yeah that was meant for the OP.

Passive team bonuses don’t have to rely on proximity. I think it’d be neat if his attack speed bonus also gave the team 5% regardless of proximity.

No, we don’t some exact measurement of “team benefit” to clearly see many careers are more or less geared towards helping the team. Many careers have several talents and/or career abilities that exist to benefit the team. Slayer is simply a career that doesn’t offer much benefit to the team directly. Sure he’s gonna go ham in melee, but that alone isn’t a huge contribution and in many cases, it’s redundant unless the team is sorely lacking melee power.

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I disagree here.

I think it’s ok to have Careers that are 100% damage, but I think you can utilize the leap to make space a lot for your team, but I never see people do it in QP. In premades we do it a lot.


  • Specials come in to view, you leap the floor next to the Special killer, so that they’re safe when shooting them
  • A teammate is trying to move in to better positioning, but is kind of stuck, so you leap them out
  • General Stagger from the leap
  • Leaping to get resses off

You can have it on less than a 20 second cooldown too.

Also his Attack Speed enables him to clear smaller stragglers around the group, which is extremely helpful, if you have people running slow, low single target damage builds.

Him playing 2H Hammer also has benefits for the team.

I’d say he’s in the right place of being a full DPS Career that can’t always play fully solo, with no downside, like Zealot. Movement Speed build kind of can, but it’s still glass cannon, at least.

I’m aware of Crunch and like you said, much like Zealot; both Zealot and Pyromancer don’t offer a lot of team benefits, but they can easily shoot specials.

If I had to rank careers based on usefulness to the team, Slayer is nowhere near the top 5. Very few of the things you mentioned aren’t easily redundant when someone else can do the same job. For Cataclysm, Slayer is like a C-tier class when he could be much better if he had something more in his kit to benefit the team.

I´d easily rate slayer as A/B tier purely because he easily becomes a very good frontliner. That alone is such a big sore point when you do not have one.


Yeah, I’d like to see your tier list.

Edit: You know what, I think that might be fun and insightful. I’m going to make a thread on that.

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Slayer has a lot more answers for specials than the other melee classes too. Gunner and warpfire knockback is gone under leap’s buff or you can use the last couple seconds of damage resistance to tank if need be. Or redirect a blightstorm away if no one killed the wizard in time. Bodying elites on top of this is pretty sweet and he has great survival tools. I remember before DLCs and class changes this was probably his best class for actually doing damage numbers as Bardin and he hasn’t changed much even with nerfs to his talents/leap/dual axes. There’s also coghammer now which is just gross on him, literally anything with cog is an amazing set.

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somehow though to me it doesn’t necessarily seem like slayer needs a team passive buff, that is unless they develop some kind of lore-based concept for giving the team some kind of ralley.
i agree with what you’re saying though somewhat. i feel if slayer is forced to play the role of a glass-cannon, that maybe his survivability could be his greatest team asset. that might be a bit controversial, as most people support the idea that on legendary/cata slayer, as well as any other class, should strategically dodge to mitigate damage well enough. I feel like just giving slayer some beefier defensive options for its talents might be a good way to allow him to play the ‘hardy dwarf’ role (understood he’s not ironbreaker though) with somehow giving the slayer more potent defensive options. i might be ranting though.

i do however wanna support the direction the devs were going for with either the [ attack speed single handed / or power duo two handed ] idea. seems like the lore kind of logic holds up here for giving the toon the ability to choose what kind of damage output they’re doing.
i’m sure they’re aware of this, and they have their own philosophy on why they incorporated this into the meta.
I’d add however, the third talent w the 5% crit might be reconsidered.
overall, i myself would give slayer more defensive options throughout his talents, and would consider reworking the leap damage bonus, as it appears that the only scenario this multiplier works out for is for tossing a bomb while airborne practically speaking.
it might seem silly to suggest, but just as a possibility, to maximize the offensive badassery that dwarves are capable of, why not consider a team temporary offensive buff to trigger on landing a leap ult instead of the power damage buff. maybe like a warcry?? giving plenty of distance applied similar to animosity, and where the team would rally behind a leap? just a thought. the possibilities are endless.

this breaks my heart, as the dwarf classes are near and dear to me. i’m trying to learn ranger, engineer, and ironbreaker to greater extents, but feel the whole direction of slayer got lost somewhere along the way.