Thank you for the lore, Fatshark!

I hope I post this in the right place.

As you’ve probably noticed in the latest dev diary we got a serious info dump on Nurgloth and a bit on his schemes. I just want to say that I really appreciate that we get some more lore on Vermintide, and this character in particular.

And please Fatshark, please feed us more lore along with new content for the game. :smiley:


Wait. Where is that?

From the March 13 Dev update.
I assume this is what @Slayerkin was talking about?

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Oh right, yes, off course! Read that. Thought I missed something else. Thanks for reminding me. And indeed, some very appreciated info FS!

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Good. If you hadn’t I would have to ask you who you are and what you have done to TmanDW. :wink:

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What @EnragedFountain posted was pretty much was I was talking about. I love lore to the games I play and its great when we get some. :slight_smile: