Developer Update - March 13


As the last steamtank noises echoes over the Reikland we wave goodbye to ‘A Quiet Drink’ for this Anniversary. We truly hope you have enjoyed your hunt for the Bugman’s XXXXXX.

Peace and quiet is now settling over Taal’s Horn Keep… Who are we kidding, there are plenty of vermin left to take care of.

Before you set out for your next mission we wanted to take a moment to remind you to look after each other, take care and stay safe. At the moment all Sharks have been recommended to work from home. This extra measure does not affect produtction or future releases, and we will keep you informed if anything changes.

The Curse of Drachenfels - Chapter 3 is coming on March 24

The final chapter of the Curse of Drachenfels update is coming to PC on March 24. This update is part of Season 2 and is free for all owners of Warhammer: Vermintide 2, and consists of 3 new missions in total; Old Haunts, Blood in Darkness and Enchanter’s Lair.


“Something is lurking in the Castle, and it is not Drachenfels himself.”

We’re going to pass the mic to Lohner right now, who can tell us about this mysterious inhabitant of Castle Drachenfels - Nurgloth the Eternal .

So, what I’m hearing is that Nurgloth the Eternal is the Rotbloods’ chief soothsayer and Burblespue Halescourge’s chief rival. Seems that while Halescourge keeps his squalid little throne because of those rotten little sorceries of his, Nurgloth can see the future … or bits of it, at least. Yeah, because that’s never gone wrong for anyone. My contacts reckon he’s even caught glimpses of the Realm of Chaos, so it’s safe to say that the poor bugger’s mad as a goblin doomdiver, on top of everything else.

Problem is, a seer’s only as good as his last prediction. While Halescourge is busy turning the Reikland’s finest into seeping goo, Nurgloth looks to be losing his status. Which’d explain why he’s looking for a way to get back into his chieftain’s good graces – or possibly his recently-emptied throne. You know what these northlanders are like.

‘Course, Nurgloth could just challenge his rivals and have done, but he’s cannier than that. He’s heard about our old mate Constant Drachenfels’ fascination with daemons. Let’s face it, if you’re a maniacal daemon-cavorting northlander, Old Drachenfels can likely teach you a useful trick or two – probably not in person, mind, but he’s bound to have left some notes about the place. Maybe even the odd captive daemon or two.

Now, much as I’m all for folk bettering themselves, I don’t think we can let this proceed. True, if Nurgloth gets what he wants out of Castle Drachenfels, he’s gonna settle a few scores in the tribe first. But when that’s done? Well, that ain’t gonna end well for the Reikland, now is it? Seems we’d better give him a lesson of our own before that happens.


Blessings of Isha upon you all.


Our company decided we also start homeoffice as of next week.
There goes this usually free Friday afternoon.

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Hm, help me here. This reads as Halescourge is still alive. What is the timeline for the Drachenfels maps? Are they between the Helmgart Campaign or before? Or did Halescourge survive our encounter by some dark magic. Halescourge is that fatty Lord (say yes! to bodyshaming Chaos) we fought before, right?

Also, are there no workplace related licenses in your company? Certain software I (or my colleagues) use for my work is bound to my workspace computer so I couldn’t do everything at home even if I wanted to. And this doesn’t even account for the experimental set-ups.



Will we see the dark area and the traps like we saw in V1? It would greatly improve the variety. Don’t remove it just because someone doesn’t love the darkness… it’s impossible to make happy everyone… and currently we have only two dark maps (Hunger and Blight).


These maps are so great! Your work lately has been fantastic.

Just wanna add that I’m glad all you Fatsharks are keeping safe and working from home. You don’t get enough credit for this, but it really seems that your company has a healthy culture for its employees, and in this day and age that’s a very good thing.


You got this pic in 1920x1080, @Fatshark_Hedge ? :sweat_smile:


Some of them are maybe using company laptops. A corporation that I work for provides a laptop for every employee.

Remember when they said all version will have parity in 2020 :joy:

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The year’s just starting, mate!


There is always a excuse. Two years and counting. The list keep growing :face_with_hand_over_mouth: