[PC] Chapter 3 of the Curse of Drachenfels is out now!


Now you can play the third and final Chapter of the Curse of Drachenfels, Enchanter’s Lair on PC. This update consists of three new missions in total, is part of Season 2 and is free for all owners of Warhammer: Vermintide 2. You can find more information about Season 2 here.

Enchanter’s Lair


You’ve seen him before. Now go get him, heroes! You can read more about Nurgloth the Eternal here.

2.3 Patch Notes


  • New Map : Enchanter’s Lair
  • A batch of Weapon Skins added to Lohner’s Emporium. These may be familiar to some players just previously not available via the store.

Level Fixes

  • Righteous Stand : Fixed an issue where the end event would be super bright once the Twitch-mode Darkness mutator expired.
  • Old Haunts : Fixed some spots where players could get stuck, also where they might ‘slip’ off the map.
  • Old Haunts : Fixed some illogical player respawn issues.
  • Old Haunts : Fixed some culling issues.
  • Old Haunts : Fixed an issue where players who joined after the gargoyle head puzzle is complete would instantly complete the ‘Ahead Of Time’ challenge criteria.
  • Taal’s Horn Keep : Fixed some floating props.
  • Taal’s Horn Keep : Fixed performance issue in HUD.
  • Weaves : Fixed culling issues in various Weaves types.
  • Weaves : Bots could sometimes remain dead if they died before the Arena and not be available for rescue within the Arena. This shouldn’t be possible now.

General Fixes and Tweaks

  • Added delay on kill volumes so people with bad connection wouldn’t die from touching it when they get extrapolated under the floor on server side. This should dramatically reduce those heart attack moments. Let us know if you experience them still, and specifically where you do if you do.
  • Torches can now block arrows.
  • Reikland Reaper - Durations are now refreshed when procced again.
  • Added a notification for the host that a party member is not eligible for a particular Deed , whilst before it would start the Deed and silently kick the ineligable player.
  • Fixed a LOD issue that could cause the Ravaged Art pickups to be hidden in very particular situations.
  • We’ve made changes so the chat doesn’t take mouse wheel input if it’s not focused, before it would scroll when it was visible. Chat will now always scroll all the way down when it is unfocused.
  • Fixed quickplay stats sometimes not getting incremented after finishing quickplay game.
  • Fixed an exploit where items could be duplicated into the Salvage window.
  • Fixed various crashes .

@Fatshark_Hedge what happened to those Hat skins that were removed shortly after chapter 2 launch? Originally I though you would bring them back now in Ep.3 with a new price tag, but I guess the team has a different plan for them?

What happened?


Wowzor! The Nurgloth fight is yumyum! :sparkling_heart: :+1:


Can’t wait to get home!

Can anybody say what the weapons in the Emporium are?

Something new about console release?

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How is someone not eligible for a deed?

I wondered that when writing the note, but pushed on with it. Perhaps if a Deed is for a higher difficulty than a player in the group has unlocked was my thinking.


They are an agent of Chaos.


This is a great question.


Well you could do legend deeds without power requirements earlier maybe it was fix?

I think it would cause issues for the player at the end of the level perhaps, I’ll need to dig in to the revision further.

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Well it didn’t at all previously not sure if gonna do right now but it was with level change.

Those got not added, but i found a new Glaive illusion, so… kinda happy? :grin:

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Console? Something…anything? The emporium at the very least…anything?


Dear FS,

Thanks for this map! And thank you for releasing it, even in the middle of this whole global pandemic situation with everybody working from home. It’s really appreciated! Was really looking forward to it, and I’m very happy to have to got to play it.

Completed it on Cata, and here’s my first thoughts (warning: might be spoiler-ish):

  • Love the athmosphere. It all works very well. Distinct from the other maps, properly creepy, and especially during the last fight. That bell tolling sound all the time, the explosion effects: It all works beautifully! Also, the zooming in bit before the last fight you made is pretty cool. The nostalgia factor on some bits was also real. Really great work altogether.

  • The last fight is quite hard. Tougher than the other Boss fights. He felt like a bit of a DPS check though, and some of us had to switch classes before we beat him. The swamping of enemies was also noteworthy. Love the whole phases bit though. You made the fight truly something new and unique. But as is right now, I can forsee a lot of Legend quickplay teams suiciding from the conveniently placed bridge in the start, since the last fight is harder than the other quickplay maps… I personally don’t mind, but I guess it depends on what you were going for.

  • The last phase of the last fight is bugged, unfortunately. Game crashed when Nurgloth was hit by a WHC ult, or by Ironbreaker’s Gromril Curse triggered knockback. We thought it was the stagger that did it, but Merc’s Ult hitting him didn’t cause a crash so I’m not sure…


Do you guys think there should be more enemies running after you during the final escape part of the Lair? It feels pretty barren in comparison to in V1 Drachen escape.


It depends. It comes after a really tough boss so making the finale too hard would lead to suiciding players at the beginning. (In legend, cata is tailored for ‘very hard’ and I don’t mind if the fight stay way above in difficulty than the others finales)


Congratulations to the Cata finish :grin:
We were trying it for, I dunno, 5 hours now, well… duo with randoms ^^ and can’t finish the 2nd boss phase :flushed: it’s just impossible to burst him and once he goes melee the constant spawns just grind our HP bars over time without the boss taking significant damage… still enjoying the challenge :ok_hand:


Good luck. We did it in 3 tries and several careers switchs. Still that fight is very fun.


@Fatshark_Hedge and the rest of the Sharks - Thank you for this wonderful map and so far the best boss fight!