Patch - Chapter 2 of the Curse of Drachenfels is out now


From today you can play the second chapter of The Curse of Drachenfels update, Blood in Darkness , on PC. This update is part of Season 2 and is free for all owners of Warhammer: Vermintide 2, and consists of 3 new missions in total. The final chapter is aimed to be released in March. You can find more information about Season 2 here.

Lohner has received a new shipment and you can now find an increased stock in Lohner’s Emporium of Wonders purchasable with shillings.

With the release of Chapter 2 the Year of the Rat even ‘Rat infestation’ has come to an end, and we hope that you enjoyed it.




As knocking on the front door was not an option the Ubersreik 4… or 5… doesn’t matter, opted for another route.



It has been said that the Castle has a will and a personality of its own. Only the foolish dares entering the Castle, and some apparently does so willingly, twice!


Patch Notes


  • Blood in the Darkness - the second mission in the Curse of Drachenfels adventure.
  • More cosmetics added to Lohner’s Emporium



  • Old Haunts - Increased difficulty on events (Champion and above).
  • Old Haunts - Fixed some stuck locations.
  • Old Haunts - Fixed some respawn issues.
  • Skippergate - Fixed another one.
  • Weaves - Fixed crashes for clients when joining a session.


  • It’s no longer possible to switch map whilst a vote is in progress.
  • Fixed a crash caused by interacting with chat/friend list buttons whilst purchasing a store item.
  • Fixed crash caused when player gets healed while leaving the game (mainly death mutator in Weaves but was possible outside of that, albeit rare).
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on metal mutators when you finish the arena with buff still applied from the mutator as the host.
  • Fixed quest timer in Okri’s Challenges being drawn under the quest descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue where Kerillian’s Spear and Shield illusion “Princess’s Glamour-Shield” awarded from the Point Well-Made challenge displayed a placeholder name.
  • Fixed the Quick Play bonus not being awarded when joining into a keep.
  • Bogenhafen cosmetic counts should now tally appropriately when considering items purchased from the Emporium.

---- removes deprecated Dark Omens challenges from Okri’s book


And I sit at work and have at least 6 hours (plus download time) to go before I can see the new map T_T

Also looking forward to the new stuff in the Emporium. And thank you so much for fixing the quickplay bug. That one was really annoying.

Any word on Ranked Weaves and Public lobbies?

Weaves higher resolution loading screen?
When we will gets something done with deeds?

Huntsman, Handmaiden and all of Sienna’s careers got 1 hat each. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As we all know there are plenty more hats available. The Emporiums initial selection was really underwhelming, and the first update to it adds a single hat for less than half of the careers?

There’s still that fancy Foot Knight hat Tim has insisted on using in every single trailer since before release. Why can’t we have that? Honestly, before we start the really slow drip feeding of cosmetics could we at least get the ones already available in the game files? :pleading_face:


Could you screenshot the new hats?

Feels like they can’t come up with new designs for headgear and armour, so they are desperately trying to limit the amount of “new” cosmetics they put into the game at the time.
That’s the only explanation I can think of honestly.

Jeez Fatshark, just buy some used armybooks… or google.

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Wooo! Gonna start downloading it now, though I’ll probably be unable to play it until tonight. Can’t wait!

Almost 3000 shillings to buy one single hat is an exaggeration. Just my opinion.


So honestly I’m not 100% sure which ones are new, so I just made screenshots of those that are expensive/veteran quality, for those that cannot get into the game right now.


I wonder whos the monkey responsible for that pricing? What is that with FS, they start to go in a good direction with something… and manage to do such a f*ck-up thing the patch right after… dunno if I should laugh or cry about that.


Cries with you in 2 Mbit/s

Yes you read correctly it’s MBIT

Imho it was not needed.

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Nice patch, but holy 3000 shillings for a hat, thats a very long time you have to do weeklies even with all the dlc.

This is 40 weeks or so to get 5 hats with all the dlc unlocked. Do you think players stockpiled 15k shillings?? Or is this because you don’t want to add new cosmetics every couple months. The only hat kinda worth it is sienna’s, not gonna grind 8 weeks for bw candles.


The new map is pretty gosh darn fantastic! Hype for the third one intensifies! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Oh and it’s the twins weekly event! Praise Sigmar!


Those hat prices are ridiculous and need to be changed. Is there any kind of justification for setting two months of shilling as the price for barely identifiable hats?

Great to see the new map though, can’t wait to get home and explore it.


That’s gotta be a mistake, right? Like the 2k somehow slipped in there, not on purpose. Right?

@Fatshark_Hedge Right?


Hat prices are to offset people getting too many shillings. Rather than give you too much choice to spend everything on, they set the price high so you use your shillings up faster. I’ve got 2k now sat doing nothing and won’t get any of the new hats so next time I’ll likely have 3-4k, so expect the next lot of hats to be roughly that price(3.5k).

STILL better than RNG hell in Comm chests for hats.

[edit] I forecast this in the thread here


I found this delivery particularly funny.

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Does console get the maps when all 3 released or bevore?

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Okay, so, why was this fixed? Can’t we have fun with deeds for the time being, to play them in any difficulty we want, instead of adapting to lower difficulty settings we abandoned months if not years ago? Does it break the game in any way it had to be fixed, even though there are more important matters at hand? Does it have anything to do with deeds rework in the future that we eagerly await, or it’s there because it’s there?

It’s rather obvious this is an exploit and in need of being fixed, but why did this require 2 separate fixes that effectively worsen deeds experience for everyone right now? It’d be nice if this could be addressed in any way, since I guess many would prefer to play low difficulty deeds on high difficulty settings, myself and my squad included.