[PC] Chapter 3 of the Curse of Drachenfels is out now!

No. At least it seemed fine on Cata.

That might help explain why my group has still been unable to finish him because of game crashing all the time. Will have to swap the classes around and see what happens.

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Love the new map. Jumped into Vet and explored it for 45 minutes yesterday.
Found both Grims, a tome, and pressed a button on a Gargoyle but could not figure out what it did… And of course a ton of chalices.
Btw do we know the total number of chalices we need to find? In the achievement only “find all chalices” is mentioned. I think I found about 18 yesterday… But did not get the achievement…

The bossfight is pretty cool. I still need to try it in Legend and Cata.
And Lorewise those teasing lines from Nurgloth against the heroes are just awesome.
Bardin’s lore seems to be a LOT deeper than I thought!


You need to find 20 chalices

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God dammit so close. I even accidentally ran in the opposite direction of the map a few times just exploring this huge castle.


It’s possible the ones you missed require a hidden switch or key

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So now that chapter 3 is out on pc any ideas for a possible console release date please??
End on April maybe? One month from now for example April 24th?? How much time do you need more or less??
And will we get the whole expansion at once or into 3 chapters??
Please at least I just want to know if we have to wait for 1 or 2 months

We just updated to with some fixes.

  • Fixed crashes caused by Ironbreaker’s Gromril Curse talent during the Nurgloth encounter.
  • Fixed some art issues in the Enchanter’s Lair mission.
  • Fixed a broken patrol route in the Enchanter’s Lair mission.
  • More generic crashes fixed.

I heard there’s a crash for the “Unsafe Work Environment” Enchanter’s Lair challenge (completing the finale w/o killing any minions); does this patch resolve that :O?

A crash, or a bug with fulfilling the criteria?

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I think it might be both?

I’m referring to these 2 posts:

I’m curious since I’m also aiming for it

Hey, just a short question…
what do i have to do to play chapter 2 & 3 of curse of drachenfels… in my game they are stillnot open to play and closed with padlocks.
latest patch is installed!!

Gotta beat Old Haunts.

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The final chapter of the Drachenfels maps is like the previous maps wonderfully designed. I did a solo run today just to have time to check every corner and find all the hidden passages.

Also, it was wonderful how you returned to the parts you remember from first Vermintide just to go around the corner and wonder if it didn’t look differnt before. Drachenfels being a living castle is one convenient excuse for level designer ^^

And Nurgloth is by far the best designed boss fight in both games. Engaging, challenging, like it should be.

That said there are some question (Lore and general):

  • If possible could we get some timeline on the Drachenfels maps OR information concerning Halescourge? As the Lore (https://www.vermintide.com/news/developer-update-march-13) really reads as Halescourge being alive during the Drachenfels quest.

  • More background information for the characters like “Who is Sofia?”. Yea, I know that this will be answered further down the line. But it takes sooo long.

  • Any idea what is next up on Agenda? Like going back to prior DLC’s and enhance them (there are some idea threads floating around for that) or going back and improve previous Lord fights?

Also, you may have seen the discussion concerning the boss intro. Is this something you can imagine for all Lords (because I really don’t need peopl acting “stupid” while waiting). As we all know that if you do a change we will have endless forum discussions again, I have a suggestion for this. If you could imagine doing boss intros for all Lords do a Survey through the launcher before starting any work. So everytime people start whining you can just reference the result of the survey seeing that it was community consent. And as it would be through the Launcher nobody could say he didnt see it.

Generally, for smaller changes I think it would be a nice idea to make smaller community surveys through the launcher. For the bigger changes like the necessary combat changes with 2.0 which improved the game tremendously you should still do as you think is right because it is your game after all.


The problem with surveys is, that you will always need someone who evaluates it, what can take a s**tload of time, esp. if everyone needs to add their own ideas and suggestions in the comment box.
I would do a simple poll with a small amount of options that give the rough direction and FS consider managable. I don’t have the feeling that surveys are actually taken into account by FS… so maybe keep it simple. :upside_down_face:

More background story is always nice :ok_hand: and I really like the concept of the boss intro, I could also imagine some fancy cutscenes before a major event starts.

What I really like to see are more Betas like for “Old Haunts”… I found so many small bugs/missplaced objects the first time i played Blood in the Darkness and Enchanters Lair that could have been avoided: I just ran 10m on the new map and saw this puddle texture bugging one the stone altar…

I’m literally talking about a binary choice, at best just a single question like:

  • A: Do you want to keep the current state? or
  • B: Do you want us to implement this change?

Tack it to the launcher, let it run for two weeks and done. This is so easy that it can be evaluated in seconds and it is even easy enough that even the dumbest most stubborn forum/community member has to accept that they are not the “majority” because he and his million friends and everyone he talked in the game to doesn’t like the change.