Target Spamming

I’ve encountered multiple missions where someone will spam the “target special/elite” button repeatedly. If it were once every few seconds or so, I’d be understanding. However, a player should not be spamming the target button 5-7 times in the span of a second. I don’t know if this is because of mod conflicts on their end. I don’t know if this is an in-game issue.

I just loathe going into a mission, and then having to leave because three other people are filling up the sound effects with target spam noises so much, I can’t even hear mutants roaring.
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Out of curiosity, did those targets tend to be highlighted yellow?

I’ve noticed that the “cooldown” on consecutively pinging the same target is removed for vets when they take “Focus Target!” I feel so bad when I’m scanning a horde while pressing my bind and the ping goes off like 3 times within a fraction of a second. It probably needs a minimum of a 1-2 second cooldown as well.

If you’re talking about people spam pinging a group of elites… it’s a little annoying but there is no other way to indicate that big threats are incoming. I think I’ve only had one game where someone went out of control with it.


It’s not the yellow. I understand that one.
I’m talking about red targeting.
And I agree. A one second or two cooldown would be a life saver.

As far as spam pinging a group of elites, I’d understand one ping being enough to alert people, “hey, these maulers are in front of me,” or ,“hey, there’s a sniper over there.”
Yet, when they’re pinging the same exact mob, over and over, for no apparent reason other than it being in front of them, all it does is cancel out all of the noise that is necessary to be heard during a mission.

probably people having tag bound to their attack button, thinking they’re being helpful


That isn’t a spam pinging problem. It’s an audio issue where sometimes enemies are silent. From my experience the spam pings were never loud enough to impair hearing other sounds. In fact it’s so zoned out for me that I can’t even remember what it sounds like.

I don’t use mods or have customized volume settings.

Just to be clear, the issue I’m talking about is when a player highlights a mob in red, and the “tagging elite/special” sound goes off.

The sound is activated every time a player tags an elite or special. The issue I’m talking about is when someone tags an elite or special a needless number of times in the span of one second. This is not needed. A player does not need to ping one mob five to seven times in the span of one second because every time a mob is tagged, the sound is activated. That means a needless number of times that that tagged sound is playing per second. The mob is already tagged. Teammates already know that the mob is there.

Repeated tagging of a mob more than once is not needed.

The issue you’re talking about is a bug that is currently recognized by fatshark.

Silent elite/special mobs

Go here, and in the search bar, type in silent #darktide. Those are the collective results of all of the issues you’re talking about.

edit: couldn’t put in direct link to search results. had to provide instructions a different way

I think it’s a bug. One of the streamers was showing how if the key is remapped the way some have been using it it bugs out and spams the target enemy to anything the reticle lands on. People need to remap the skill / feature to default.

It’s probably a macro that auto-spams their tag key.

It’s for them, not you really. It’s quite irritating, but Tide games always struggled with: visibility, video and audio cues for elites and specials. The enemy tag functionality is often the only thing between you getting pounced by a disabler or getting a “surprise overhead” from an elite.

This is a symptom, not the problem. The problem is Fatshark design decisions AKA “lets make your screen grey on your last wound just in case the brown upon brown colour pallet isn’t enough to limit your visibility”. Then we have plethora of bugs: audio and latency related.


When I’m down, I tag every disablers I see. If there aren’t any, I tag whatever is the most dangerous.

I feel it’s useful information for the others.

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i use spamming targets because i was born 100% deaf, i cant hear sounds, so its useful for me just saying

i use macro auto spam targeting because im deaf, its very useful. so i can know where they are, I cant hear with no sounds, thats why. Fatshark need to add option to turn it off in the option menu if possible

I dont blame them, 5 mauler infront of me, i wanna tell my team.

i keep switching between them , tagging each 1-2 times max.

until now each player may only tag 1 enemy.

No, it’s not me that needs to turn it off, you should not spam. When used diligently the sound is welcome.

Also it’s not a matter of knowing they’re there, they’re in front of you if you can target-spam them.
You are making the game unplayable for everybody else that is rendered unable to hear anything but your spamming.

This is not the abuse the thread is talking about.
We are talking about people like DeafGuy who spams target with a macro from start to finish, the sound is already janky in this game, when it’s covered by target-spamming it becomes unplayable.

the problem is im fully deaf, i have to spam ping all over the screen to see where the special mobs are coming from, thats the reason why, so all fatshark need to add in the option for people to turn it off and same with vet’s focus talent too

The vet’s talent just highlights specials, it’s not a problem at all.
The normal target highlight, though, also plays a loud sound for everybody in the party, that sound covers everything else in the game and when it’s repeated extremely fast stops being annoying and becomes hurtful.

FS can’t “remove” it because the sound is needed to call the attention of the party.

I looked if there was a mod that would let you spam without disturbing the rest of your party but as I expected I found nothing since it’s not something you’d generally want to remove.

they should able to add something in the menu to turn the sounds tagging off or tagging visual off or whatever then problem solve

Seem like people keep confuse between useful spamming(see patrol and spam tag on multiple enemies as warning, spam tag into horde to find a target) and just mindless spam(spam tag on single elite in front of them over and over and over)

Those that do mindless spam usually have their tag button bind to LMB so they’ll aways tag whatever they’re looking everytime they attack which is annoying af(and dear god if they are using knife…) Pretty sure that is OP’s problem.


sometimes i just spam my ping button into the distance to try and find elites like snipers and random stuff far away, it’s easy to hit a sniper when it is outlined in red, you have wall hacks etc. etc.

This. 100%
It’s not the Vet’s ability. It’s when a mob is outlined in red so many times that I can’t hear the voice chat from my teammates.