Target Spamming

This is reasonable. It’s what I do half the time when in a fog or dark mission. I don’t frown on it used by my teammates either. I just don’t understand why people have to make the game unhearable because of a hotkey adjustment that isn’t necessary to begin with.

Wrong. They should add a cooldown of one second or more to the ping so that it’s not triggered at the same rate a bullet is fired from a gun. Removing the sound effect removes a quarter of the usefulness of the tag. Removing the visual eliminates the rest.

This way, people have to be smart about how theyre pinging, are encouraged to stick together and be mindful of their teammates, while also developing strategic skills for the long run.

Doesn’t matter if you’re hard of hearing or not. No need to spam a button that makes the experience of a game unplayable for the people you’re playing with.

Pings really need a short cooldown or some other kind of rate limit. Alternatively a ping volume setting would be nice if FatShark insists on having 10+ pings / second annoy everyone.

If this posts gets to 30 replies, I’ll make a bug report with a link here.

I did genuinely not know that tagging a target produces a sound.
For other people, to boot.
I have apparently never noticed it. I’ll check the next time I play.

How? Are you also hearing impared or do you play with muted sounds?

As mentioned, I think the only times i’ve ever seen this is where players are identifying a pack of elites and telling their team, quickly and without text/voice, that there’s a pack to deal with.

It’d be nice to be able to tag multiple enemies quickly, with just the last one staying tagged on a 2s cool down, but not if it’s going to annoy others. TBH, it’s never annoyed me.

Because you never encountered it.
Try playing half an hour with even 1 player that spams that sounds at least twice a second.

Not to highlight a pack, not to identify a threat, just highlighting anything in front of him repeatedly and continuosly.


It appears with latest update, we got this option

whenever you press the spotting button it places the “red skull” icon, my spotting is Q as in battlefield series, i can spam it, anyone could just assign it and keep spamming, its None by default.

My guy it is a game where many players don’t use mics. Unless they are pinging the same guy over and over, they are just giving the rest of the team awareness that there are multiple elites ahead.

What I hate is the “go there” ping has been changed to go off on slightly holing down the ping button so I keep pinging “go there” on accident, constantly, when trying to mash pig to get the often finnicky ping off on a sniper that spawned across the map behind a fence.

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Spamming 24/7 everyday, i’m fully 100% deaf, sorry folkssssssssss

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Look the option that are in the message above yours: by default double clicking the ping makes the “go there” icon appear, you can change it.

Nope. Mine is on double tap: none. Always has been. What I am saying is holding the button is causing the ping.

Really? It might be that it never happened to me because I remapped it to the central mouse button.

There are “people” that bind ping to their LMB, so when they attack they ping the hell out of every elite in front of them.

Is it possible to eliminate the grey screen effect via visual options or a mod?

In terms of pinging, I frequently do it personally to be able to identify specialties amidst smoke, poorly lit areas like Carnivale, or behind a horde.

I’m not sure if they changed anything with key mapping in the update, but I noticed an issue where I put the pin down a.k.a. “Go There” while pinging for elites/specials.

I don’t, however, spam ping.

Yeah, that is something they need to just disallow in the options. It should unbind the other action, not let you layer one button to do multiple things. I personally also hate the people that spam “need ammo” because they have it so when they reload it sends that quick-chat.

Yes. certain effects such as psyker peril and “deathdoor” last wound effect can be disable with mods afaik, but that should be cosidered by the design team, so people don’t need to depend
on mods for basics.

They have…you have to bind your comm-rose wheel to a different button than your ping key. That should resolve the accidental “go there” spam

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Thank you! :star_struck:

oh wow yeah changing these settings is very good
set my clicking to none for both of them (it will auto tag enemies still)
and then set the window open delay to 0.1 so i can ping stuff quicker (but not have the window cover my vision when i try to ping stuff