Talent Rebalance Suggestion: Grail Knight

This is pretty much exactly where I’m at with it. Personally enjoy it but understand why it’s objectively not good.

That does get me wondering though, if the condition was changed would it potentially be salvageable? It could perhaps be interesting to flip it around and grant a (smaller, eg 10%) move speed and attack speed buff while your ult is fully charged (ie full bar). That could lead to some interesting decision making where you choose to burst an enemy down or hold onto your bonuses till a more dire threat appears.

Of course giving a potentially infinite duration move speed boost is a bit dangerous for cheese potential, but it would require you to refrain from using your ult to take advantage of.

First of all, the % of thp granted through Stoicism is multiplicatively affected by any kind of “increased healing received”. With Boon of Shallya, Stoicism’s 50% becomes 65%.

With mods like Onslaught and Deathwish, the modded experience proves to be far more punishing than official. So much so, that there’re enough sources of damage during a horde fight that taking Barkskin is simply par for the course. Generally speaking in official, there’s objectively a lower chance for a situation to occur, where a player may take unavoidable damage because of the lower number of enemies in comparison to modded.

The difference can be large enough that Barkskin may not actually prove to be useful enough because there aren’t enough sources of chip damage, including friendly fire, that’d procc Barkskin often enough to the point an unseen overhead would be mitigated during a horde fight. If there’s no chip damage to procc Barkskin, then I think you are better off enhancing a talent that somewhat protects you from the occasional big hit and helps you regain your lost thp.

This is of course a pretty risky idea because going down without having Barkskin will make a big difference in how much time teammates are left with to get to the revive.

The problem with Heroism there are few weapons which can be used against hordes and mixed hordes, thus it limits the weapon selection a lot. These are the great hammer, the greatsword and the mace and sword.
I think a talent which supports his basic kit would be better. So the talent would reward when the player uses light and heavy attacks alternately. The description could be:
‘Hits with regular attacks provide 30% power to charged attacks and vice versa.’

On the technical side hits with light and push attacks would activate a ‘Heavy Bonus’ which wouldn’t stack. The next heavy attack would consume the bonus and activate a ‘Light Bonus’, etc. The icons could show thick and thin weapons.
The bret sword has a light-heavy pattern against hordes and we can start a similar combo with the push attack.
The greatsword and the mace and sword still could benefit from this pattern.
The bret sword has mediocre damage against monsters so the 30% increase wouldn’t make it impressive.
Maintaining the light-heavy cycle is not so easy against hordes because GN doesn’t have access to attack speed talents. So 30% bonus would be okay.

Suggestion: make it 25% power plus 15% faster charged attacks. GK has no access to attack speed and this way, it would give it more edge over the flat 30% bonus on everything, and more profile.