Sure am glad killing deeds took priority over performance fixes

I didn’t want to be able to have shadows and a playable frame rate at the same time anyway. Having to choose between the two obviously gives an important element of player choice.

Ok I’ll stop being facetious. Seriously though what is going on, the massive CPU consumption caused by having shadows on at all since 2.1 beta has been acknowledged but we’ve heard no word on it for in forever.

@FatsharkJulia This issue isn’t something you can really afford to be this silent on for so long. For me it’s ruining my visuals to keep a playable frame rate. For some it’s making the game borderline unplayable.


@flisker Don’t suppose you ever got your game working properly again? Curious if anyone’s seen performance improve at all in the past few patches.

I understand. I’m doing my best to draw attention to it internally.