Suggestions to fix Gameplay Loop/loot

After 8 hrs, I’m bored. The missions feel unrewarding. The hourly rotating weapon shop is an awful system. So, rather than just moan about the issues, I offer suggestions to FatShark to fix it.
Easy method: just drop in VT2s system of loot boxes from daily missions and personal play rewards. Let the ‘hourly shop’ be for rare items. But even that is going to get stale, so…

Hard method: VT2 boxes again, but instead of full weapons, we earn weapon components.
It’s a crafting system where we put different components together to create customized weapons. 3 parts per weapon type.
For example: Lasgun = Power source, Casing, Barrel. Axe = Blade, Haft, Handle
Why have crafting of weapons from parts? Well, this opens up custom play depth as well as a gameplay loop of hunting for favorite parts to build with.
You can further manage the loop by allowing disassembly of a weapon to keep one part. This way you’re not completely screwed if you experiment with a rare component.
Imagine the thrill of finding Armor piercing teeth to finally build a chainsword with, or overcharged capacitor to rig your Lasgun to be a Hot-shot Las-gun.

I could easily make a spread sheet of all the various parts the weapons could use. It’s not hard for anyone familiar with 40k. And for lore sake, just use a Tech-priest for the assembly merchant. You give him ‘holy parts’ and he assembles them based on STCs. Bam, done.

The point is, Hourly coin shop is boring and restrictive. Hunting for weapon parts that you get as rewards from missions and daily ‘quests’ would be FAR more fun and that drive to hunt for new parts would up my desire to play longer.

What do y’all think? Would it be the same for you?