Suggestion: When pinging an ammo crate or med station have the dialogue reflect the number of charges left

In the course of a typical game players will ping ammo boxes and health stations to let teammates know these supplies are available. But to indicate how many charges are actually left you have to type in chat which slows the game down a lot.

If the charges left are indicated by the wording of the dialogue this wouldn’t be a problem because you could just ping stuff and move on with no further action required.


Including it in the dialogue is probably a lot of work. It would also not be a very clear way of presenting the information.

There is a much more efficient and effective solution.
Just add a number to the marker of the station/crate.

There already is a mod that adds a number to the ammo crate marker.

No need to record new voicelines.
No lost information for players not hearing the number mentioned in the voicelines.
Just look in the general direction and you see the number of charges left.


Good idea. I have that mod for ammo crates and it greatly confuses me why the game doesn’t just do that in the first place.

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