Medic crate

In my personal opinion, we need a better indicator for when someone is about to/has put down healing.

Just had a boss fight where I was the only one with healing, we were all low, I put it down and they didnt notice even if I pinged it etc.

Having some sort of ability to outline the medic crate when its deployed like how we can outline enemies would be a life saver.


Yep, should put an indicator on everyone’s screen.

Honestly, I’d rather see the deploy crates go in a new slot and have the 3rd slot for personal use items, like a self heal/ammo/grenade restore as I’ve run into many a times when rando picks up one of the crates and ignores everyone else only using it when they have low health or ammo, even if every one else is fully topped up, or refusing to deploy it when every one else is near dead/out of boolet