Medi-pack and Ammo-crate isnt enough

There isnt enough deployable one-use utility tools in game right now.

Like really, we have only medi-pack and ammo-crate for now, there isnt really much choice, especially when one class(psyker) dont even have any use from ammo-crate. This deployable tools have so much potential, yet it is so wasted for now.

Compare it to Vermintide where we had many potions with different effects, which gives players a choice which potion they needed more, violet one(ability cooldown reduction) or blue one(speed) or maybe yellow one(damage)?

What else we could have in Darktide:

  1. Stim-pack that boost stats of allies in range or reduce ability cooldown
  2. Fog-Machine that cover entire room in dense fog which will massivly affect enemy range units accuracy or straight force them to melee combat stance.
  3. Propaganda Servitor that boost toughness regen and maybe even increase max ammount of thoughness.

Those are just some potential deployable tools, but you get idea what I think about? This could be extend to deployable turrets or other types of servitors, whatever devs would like to introduce.

Ps: I know more dont mean better, but for now I think there should be at least 2 more deployable items to found during missions.

Sorry for my english and thanks for reading this feedback.


Yeah, I was hoping for more items that could alter gameplay somehow. Medipak and ammo pack are nice and all. But given the scope of Warhammer 40,000 and the wide selection of potential items that could be implemented, having just these two seems a bit uninspired.

Maybe something like a deployable, like a one-time use turret! Or goggles that can take up a slot but provide some visual benefit.

IDK. Just seems like theres -a lot- of stuff to explore and they pick vanilla ice cream lol. Which works, but… :slight_smile:


Damage could be the Sacred unguents, gotta Appease the machine spirit.

I really miss having utility consumables like the potions from VT, or the various other utility items in Back 4 Blood, or even just having more healing options besides the medipacks.

Having only two items you can find outside of ammo/grenades is just such a weird choice. (Barring side objectives) Even the progenitor of the genre (L4D1) had more variety than Darktide, and I’d hope we’ve developed beyond that some.

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If you combine it with the strobe-kit, the laser, and the DJ table, all the mobs will start dancing? :stuck_out_tongue:


“uninspired” is the right descriptor for this game. Missions are static, the interesting new customisation/progression systems got scrapped, there’s very little variety in the gameplay loop, The setting is adopted from an existing IP, the mechanics are lazily copied from the previous game… It sounds harsh but that’s the reality of the situation.

As a previous commenter said, it’s vanilla ice. But without any sprinkles :frowning:

It’s gonna be a good game eventually. Personally I enjoy it more than Vermintide, but there’s just not enough content in this game. It should have been so much more than Vermintide 40K, but it looks like that’s what we’re getting.

Some good points to balance this post:

I do like the feel of the las weapons so far, they look and sound right.

The auspex missions are interesting with their little Hot/Cold searching minigame.

Putting resources in the map is a step in the right direction. It promotes exploring the map instead of figuring out the quickest way and never deviating from it, like in VT2.

In its most basic conception, the game is fun. Melee is fun, shooting is fun, killing enemies is fun.

I like the character creator. +1 for that.

I also like the idea of coherency, controversial as it might be on the forums.

While it is disappointing in terms of options available:
-Never felt like I was missing on them make my way through damnation
-Lack of inventory space (all tomes, grims and items share slots now)

And even with one intem slot, there is not much risk in taking those tomes or grims because you can always ask other player to take that medi-pack or ammo-crate. So decision making isnt there because of how limited all the options are, it is very easy to have all needed items + grims/tomes anyway.

Oh I agree. Choices feel very much inexistent.

I love this idea. Some more pickup options would be awesome. The fog machine is pure genius, but might require some modifications to be balanced :sweat_smile: