Personal ammo HUD

I have about 230 hours in darktide. One thing I always notice is how people gobble up ammo and ammo starve their teammates. I have had a though several times when I go to pick up ammo myself where, at a glance, i find it difficult to determine how much ammo i personally have compared to everyone else on the team.

my thought on this is “why not have your personal ammo count match the colors your teams ammo has when they are low?” this would make it easier at a glance to figure out your need versus your teams.

i know this wont fix people being ammo goblins, but it would help the more considerate individuals. and the system is already in the game, just not displayed personally.

Have you tried numeric ui mod? you can see your max ammo capacity and it shows your ammo as yellow once you reach the same threshold you see for your teammates.


Sometimes it looks like they take all the ammo. But in many cases, they not just take it all. Sometimes they just use what is there. Or they see no reason why they should care for others ammo color at all, when they see them blast out Fire or heavy stubber rounds into small groups or even single poxwalkers all the time.

Or when you run with big brains that are running around with already yellow ammo count and totally ignore every single ammo ping you give them. But then in the next zone where you KNOW, that there will be almost no ammo to pickup, they suddenly spam the ‘‘i need ammo’’ command, while you now run low on ammo yourself, due to the fact that you pinged the ammo for them in the area before that no one took then.

In all the times i played i only got 3 people that really 100% took ammo on purpose. They fired their weapon 1 time and reloaded, when ever they got close to an ammo pickup. And those 3 people came straight on the ignore list, so i will never have to meat them again.

While it is a useful mod, establishing it as a default feature in the game would help all players see their own need for ammo, without having to have mods installed.

yeah i do not mod the game at all. im to lazy for it lol. im not against mods or anything, i just think its a simple change that should just be defaulted into the game.

some people, especially with lazgun/pistol are pretty efficient with ammo so they tend to ignore sometimes i think. i know if i am playing vet with my heavy pistol and have another vet with a bolter, i will intentionally pass ammo for him to pick up as he will use more than me.