Ammo bar is great addition, but hard to see at a glance

The ammo bar is a kind of brownish orange, which is similar in color palette to the border around the portrait frames and to the empty part of the bar as well. When I’m trying to decide if someone else needs the ammo drop more than I do, I would like to be able to just glance over and make that decision in an instant so I can keep moving/fighting without skipping a beat. But for me, at least, i need to actually focus on the portait of each individual person to really see how much ammo they have.

I suggest making it a more noticeable color. Perhaps bright blue, or just something that pops more. Or at least giving the option to change the color, maybe put a palette in the options so we can customize it.

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Additionally, being able to see your own ammo bar would be amazing for the same reasons. Quick glance at all the ammo bars and you immediately know who has the least. Currently I’m not sure how my ammo compares percentage-wise to everyone else, especially if I forget my starting value.

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