Teammates ammo reserve info should be clearer

It sure is great to have at least some sort of icon representing our teammates’ ammo reserves, but (in what almost feels to be a very common trend now), you have decided to give us just about the least informative of possibilities in existence.

We get a white, a yellow, an orange and a red icon. What do they mean? Is this percentage based? I know red is flat zero. No ammo. Having even one bullet makes the icon orange. This leaves three colours. So… 33% per colour? I don’t know!

I would have taken your otherwise meaningless bars from equipment stats instead of this! At least this way we would get an accurate percentage as the bar for once would have a context to them: goes from zero to one hundred. Perfect!

Or just give us the percentage in text. Or, better yet, raw numbers of ammo total reserve AND how much that is in percent. Total reserve could be a text inside a bar, which itself would show percentage. Or just about any combination of the above, but not. Just. A largely meaningless icon.

Information is good. Obscurity and ambiguity are bad. Please.


I would also love to know how many grenades somebody has! That’d be quite useful.

Each color should be in 25% intervals.

White is 75% or more total ammo

Yellow is 50-74% ammo

Orange is 25-40%

Red is 0-25%

Red being 0 ammo is terrible bc a teammate with 5 or 6 shots left seems like they have low ammo(orange) rather than critically low ammo.

This really should not be an issues. X/Y for every player so we know how many bullets they have. I don’t even know what colour I have and what my team mates see… and yeah, grenades would be useful.

I agree, the colours are a little bit opaque. I don’t mind using colours instead of numbers, but what the colours indicate does need clarification.

I think it might help to colour-code our own ammo count in the same way as our allies so that we’ve got a reference point.