Ammo icons - diverging aesthetics & out of place

I truly believe your graphic department should revisit the icons and also the placing of them for the ammo status. My reasoning is:

  • They are not coherent in style with the rest of the icons/style (for bombs, potions etc)
  • They are not in a container, as the rest are.
  • They pop out too much in a game where knowing that status is less relevant than the icons current look suggests (compare with how much ready-ultimate-meter pops out, and tell me I’m wrong…)
  • (There also doesn’t appear an icon in same place for when somebody is overcharged? But that’s another issue)

Even my attached “two” suggestions would look better than the current implementation. There is for example room to be used in a clever way in the bottom corners of the portraits. I think the game deserves to have as good looking UI as it had pre-icons, and a coherency in the aesthetics. If not, at least let the players have the option to turn those icons on/off from settings…

Your suggestions simply would not work due to the implementation of portrait frames (one already exists if you own the collectors edition) the yellow and red bow icons look just fine anyway . though i prefer the ammo bar tbfh

Adding a third bar wouldve probably been the best option but having the current icon isnt too bad. Its not hard to see and you can notice at a single glance if someone is low on ammo. If youre running with a premade group, ppl will occasionally call out low ammo etc anyway on top of that. Its fine the way it is, really. They might wanna rework it later down the road, but I definitely wouldnt call it a priority.

I agree with that there are way better implementations other than those suggested. My main point isn’t my ego - it’s if the aesthetics and layout of the icons make sense or not. I say they don’t, and can be made to feel like a coherent part of the UI while keeping function.

And yeah, it’s not a priority - that said - it’s feedback :wink:

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