Suggestion: Vote Glitch

We’ve all stumbled upon the floor of death, and we’ve all been caught in the odd spot where we can’t move, or we fall through the map. I don’t know that I believe these problems will ever go away… so what if we get some kind of solution:

We initiate a vote, if the player’s unanimously agree that a glitch happened for a character, that character immediately teleports back to the group. In the case of the floor of death, the game should check what the health was, of said player, immediately before they died, and give them back said health and whatever items they were carrying.

I think there could be some kind of check regarding the nature of their death along the lines of “was the thing that killed them the enemy or the environment (i.e. fall)?” Players should only get life back from environmental damage, not “hits”.

I’m sure some group of coordinated players could abuse this, but who cares? If I were playing with a random group and someone was trying to cheat (e.g. they jumped off a cliff and died), I would simply vote “No”. As a player, I am more bothered by the experience of dying because of a floor glitch, than I am of the idea of another player leveraging an exploit. I think this would be a much appreciated feature for the player-base.

Again, to summarize: a dead player or a stuck player can initiate a “vote: glitch”. If the vote succeeds, they are teleported back to the group; if they’re dead, they teleport back with the items they carried, minus any that their teammates picked up. They only get health back if the damage came from the environment, rather than from an enemy attack.

I think this idea could be flushed out a little more, what are peoples’ thoughts?

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