Cheat death mod or glitch?

I’ve come across this twice in the past 2 days: people who get downed and suddenly respawn alive and well next to us.

It’s as if they’re using some glitch to disconnect for a couple of seconds triggering the bot and then reconnect and keep playing.

Its not exactly a mod thing, though the reconnect mod might facilitate it. When youre down, leaving and rejoining allows your character to get back to the fight. Shouldnt be allowed, i suppose, but some people really want them ordo dockets i guess.


these kinda player sometime troll other teammate, when we reach near to revive while them being down they hit alt + F4 n leave teammate who wanted to help in awkward situation.

It’s not about becoming a bot, it’s that they pick themselves up when noone is around.

The first I’ve seen was yesterday and he was a fresh level 30 in Auric that went around doing his thing never staying with the group that kept ressing himself.
The second I had in group half an hour ago and he did pretty much the same thing.

Oh. So maybe one guy cheated. Guess youll have to post a clip of this

I’ve never seen anything like this. Do you know what class(es) they were playing?

One was a Vet and one was a Psyker.
I don’t think it’s class related, and I don’t think they technically “cheated”, I think they used the in-game mechanism that spawns a BOT on disconnection and then reconnected because they stay down a few seconds, they don’t get up immediately.

They just have it timed perfectly.

Veteran can insta revive downed teammates with shout ult.


This is Probably it, the vet runs by shouts carries on fighting, I do this all the time.

Really? The vet shouts himself up?

I’m talking about players going off alone and getting downed with noone else around.
They vet died on the floor under us and 15 seconds later was fighting alongside us while we were stuck in a horde.

I probably did not specify this, but what gives it away is that they teleport to the rest of the group when they get up, they don’t stay where they were downed.

Sounds like a cheater. Weird to cheat in a game like this but hey some people are just that bad

Vets can get others up, but not themselves.
If the someone got themselves up with no teammate nearby, they probably did a quick reconnect.

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