Cheaters, have you encountered them?


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So far no, I don’t think so. I’ve seen twitchy Zealot, twitching like drug addict with withdrawal syndrome in addition to constantly loading and re-loading his shotgun (outside the battle). But so far most annoyance comes from griffers or people skipping plasteel. Have you seen something concerning?

SoB Concern

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That i’ve seen aswell but that’s no concern but rather a nuisance.

In fact i have seen something concerning and that is a cheater with aimbot. I don’t have any video but i watched them closely and the way they flicked 360 and got a headshot on all specials throughout the game was a bit odd. According to their steam they had Multiple vac bans and the latest being 2 months old sadly.

It’s sad if it was in fact cheating in a co-op game.

You must…

You can do ALT+F4 and reconnect and… you are no more dead…
Tell me you have not met someone that did that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve met some people that does that :sweat_smile:

Oh, right! I saw something like that couple of times and each time got annoyed, because my (potential) progress on “War’s not over” was stolen from me! Once I was about to free a guy (I was 20-30 meters away) and he disappeared. He reconnected soon after.

Well it’s not exactly cheating, but It’s an exploit and it should be frowned upon regardless.

This need to be patched. Now there is a mod to help you to do it quickly… and that’s a problem.

I plan to make a post this evening about this…


Regarding the question by OP: No.

Why tho?

  • You can Alt+F4 reconnect if you are stuck, and you will get out (this is the intended use for the mod).
  • You can do it, when you get unlucky and are netted/dogged before a dropdown, and your teammates have already dropped.
  • You can do it during the “waiting for respawn” timer after properly dying, so that your last man standing has a bot at his side for a minute or so, until you reconnect and respawn in shackles.

These are rare occasions, and the only situations where i have seen people do it.
(Aside from the Vet “100% accuracy with no ammo remaining” cheese, that got fixed afaik.)

As long as it does not become a thing that is exploited in a way that has an actual impact (like casually disconnecting as soon as you get downed), i do not think that this is a problem at all.

Fixing it, would likely come with a few issues that would affect the general playerbase on a regular basis.
I would not want this to be “fixed” in any way that causes even a single problem to the general population, as long as the current situation is not exploited to a degree that it actually negatively affects the player base.

I was just polishing my weapon, honest.

I have seen one suspect which with MK VIII braced autogun landed a lot of headshots (one per kill from what I remember). I wasn’t watching him during the match, so it is possible he was just good, tap firing (as you should) and engaging at the right range.


This basically permits you to revive when needed.

Also test the alt+f4 method…this permits to avoid deaths easily

You should reappear dead if you log out when on floor.
It is easy to implement this.

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Yes. But that is not the intended use for the mod.
Also, if this is what you are trying to do, you are actually better off not using the mod.
The mod lets you reconnect faster, but it takes longer to disconnect by typing in the chat command for the mod, than just pressing Alt+F4.

I know. I mentioned this in the post you responded to.

Like i said above, if this is what you are worried about, Alt+F4 is a faster way to disconnect, than using the mod, since the mod requires you to type a command in the chat (at least according to the mod description).
The mod allows you to reconnect faster, but it looks like it makes you disconnect slower.
When trying to exploit the reconnect to avoid death, it would be much more important to have a fast disconnect, than a fast reconnect, so people trying to exploit this, would likely not use the mod for it anyway.

I can not remember ever having seen anyone actually exploit this.
However, i do remember having a disconnect/crash, and then reconnecting to the session with a purple wound.
So apparently, i had gotten downed during the “disco dance”. It would certainly have sucked, to re join after a disconnect/crash and be unable to play for the next few minutes.

Yeh probably.
Problem is, when you disconnect and get downed while doing the “disco dance”, you would now be completely dead upon return. That would suck.

So far i have not seen anyone exploit this function to avoid death after being downed, so i am going back to what i said earlier:

This would not forbid you to alt+F4 if you’re stuck

Basically, if you’re stuck, you’re not laying down on floor :wink:

I did an entire thread on this a while ago and got flamed for ruining people’s fun. So good luck with that.

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This is clearly a cheat… and something I see every days

Must be playing in a different region i guess.
Same thing with some people who say that they see toxic behavior that is caused by a scoreboard (Vermintide 2, or Darktide Scoreboard mod).
I have never seen it in my region.

If it actually happens frequently, this should be looked at.

If FS can detect a difference between a forced disconnect and a legit disconnect, they could maybe kill if you off upon return, if you force a disconnect while downed (and leave the rest as it is).


I think so too. It is incredibly cheap when sh*t goes south and you know you deserve to lose just for someone then to pull the plug and come back from the dead. It cheapens the accomplishement immensely.
Unfortunately if you argue this way, you will have to contend with people arguing, that you would also punish peeps having normal DCs, if you were to go against this.

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I agree about that…
but as I said you, disconnections log error codes, ALT+F4 don’t
If you excluce true disconnections and make players on floor reconnecting dead (so not the players stuck) this should avoid that.

I have met only one person toxic that talked about the scoreboard.
I have met several toxic persons…

(sidenote: I wanted a scoreboard from FS, now with the new scoreboard, I don’t feel the need… I removed the scores from it and get the damages plugin and this is good enough for what I want)

Pay attention. When you see someone dying, you often see a bot taking the place of the dead… this is when someone try to do that.
I see that in 4 / 5 games.

I know that this is what it looks like.
I see this sometimes (not nearly that often), but so far i have never seen the same player return afterwards.
So these guys were ragequitting, not exploiting.

Not to say that exploits do not happen.
I just have not seen it happen myself.
Like i said: probably different region, different players.

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What region do you play if I may ask?

I am in southern germany. No VPN.