Death and reconnection mechanic

Since the release of the Auric Patch, an increasing number of players have been employing the tactic of disconnecting before dying, allowing a bot to take their place temporarily before returning

It’s truly frustrating to witness individuals exploiting this system. I fail to comprehend the purpose of undertaking the game’s most challenging missions, only to subject the entire team to your cheating. What’s worse, I’ve encountered multiple instances where groups of players deem this behavior acceptable. However, it’s important to realize that resorting to such tactics reflects poorly on your integrity.

Please reconsider your actions, as they not only tarnish the cooperative experience but also diminish the value of striving for genuine success within the game

I urge the developers to take steps to address this situation. It’s crucial to maintain balance within the game and preserve the integrity of the cooperative experience. As a dedicated player, I hope to see measures implemented to prevent this abuse and ensure a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for all rejects.

Thank you for considering these concerns and for your ongoing efforts to improve Darktide


When you re-connect, do you retain your original health, toughness, ammo, grenades, etc?

For ammo, I’m not sure, but for health, you respawn with at least 1 Wound or something

In fact, they would be better off completely removing the bots beyond heresy anyway, they are incapable of playing at this difficulty level and are simply dead weight and meat shield. No bots, no resurrection

I don’t doubt it’s being exploited. I’ve been picked up by a bot in a lost game and suddenly everyone is back in.

Ive never tried it myself. My only use of alt-f4 is so I can dash off to the loo (age+beer combination usually).

Maybe when the bots exceed the abilities of those in death match half life (from 1996) then they’ll let us go AFK for a minute. You know, like L4D has done since forever.

I don’t doubt it.

What’s frustrating about it? You can only witness it if you’re on a team that that happens to, so what’s frustrating about it, specifically?

Bold assumption that it’s cheating, not sure too many would agree.
It’s neither cheating nor exploiting in my eyes.

Depends on the context. If I have a limited amount of time to play in such a grindy game and randoms screw me over by being actually braindead, I’d rather have a bot make my last 30 to 40min worthwhile than to have to walk away from that sh¡tshow emptyhanded.

If it was a competitive tournament where failing/amount of time alive was a determenative factor for placement, yeah then I’d not be fine with that either.

Who actually cares? Seriously, it’s a videogame that you play for fun, who actually cares about what random strangers think about your gaming behaviour integrety?

Now this I can get behind more. As much as I want to say that you should say that you don’t want the team to do what you deem to be an exploit/cheating, that’s rather unreasonable to ask of anyone.

We are human, wantig to win is only natural and some are willing to cross lines other do not, can’t change or “fix” that.

For a competative tournament, sure absolutely don’t allow that stuff.

For highest difficulty content, maybe, depends on your and your teams stance. Is victory at all costs what you want or does that ruin your achievement? You 4 can come to an agreement about that and when 1 person doen’t honor it, do what you feel is appropriate.

For regular damnation and below, absolutely f*cking not! People play those difficulties to progress and have fun. Having your time wasted and your progress haulted because you got unlucky with random teammates (etc) is not “fair” either. What are you supposed to do then? Go lobbyshopping until you find one that is nearly guaranteed to win? That’s no fun either and is an even bigger waste of time than failing the mission when a bot could’ve saved your run.

I’m sorry you had an annoying experience and had your morals challenged/ hurt but this is not really an issue, especially in DTs current problematic state and laundrylist of bigger issues.

You not being ok with it morally is fine. Your enjoyment being taken away because someone else “cheapend the win” sucks. Someone else making that choice for you is understandably frustrating, that much I understand.

I just can’t help but feel like this seeming to be a selfish request which tries to hide its seflishnes behind the “morality and integrety of it all”.

This isn’t a real issue and this thread isn’t the first to highlight this tactic either and it went nowhere.:man_shrugging:

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While I’ve seen people do that, I really don’t care.

:rotating_light: !!!But you forget that this is also the only way to fix being thrown outside of the map!!! :rotating_light:

Before FatShark address your problem with “cheating”, they must first address real issues like bugs.

Also why do you care, if someone exploits the system in a Coop Game?
If anything they make you win more, the pigs :pig:! :laughing:


Not in need of fixing, only works on Heresy and Low-Int Damnation reliably.
On higher difficulties than that, the enemies can burst the bot down often before players using this strategy can reconnect, causing them to get nothing for their efforts.

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Of course, it needs to be fixed. This is a blatant exploit and a complete abuse of the game’s mechanics.

Like I said, I only play Auric missions, and I consistently witness this trick succeeding.

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I feel attacked…

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Just play better.
If you play well, your teammates do not get downed very often (and if they do, you can get them).
Therefore, you won’t see this exploit affecting your gameplay in any way.

(although meant as a “git gud” joke, this actually works)

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