Dear FatShark ! we have a big problem

About alt + f4 exploit .
Alt + F4 right before your death and rejoin you can revive urself asap .
So many people atm trying to use this trick to speedrunning through the whole map.

Here my experience so far :

  • Most of them using Knife Zealot for speed boosting
  • They always play with at least 1 of their friends so they don’t get kick out of the game, or they’re gonna kick anyone who refuses to enter the ship at the end of the map
  • During the speedrun everytime they got down, they alt + f4 to revive themself and continue the run.

Please fix it !


I would be happy if the game registered altf4 and would not reconnect people to the mission.


Only after any and every bug that takes you out of bounds had been fixed, not before.


Gotta agree with Ayarraz, the number of time’s myself or another person has gone out of bounds due to being pushed through the map vs someone doing the alt + f4 trick to speed run is pretty disproportionate.

One i was downright pissed on was i got eaten by a beast of Nurgel while trying to rescue 2 downed people. It was moving up the stairs so i went “great, im close enough to try and rescue if my other surviving teammate pulls agro!” and then it spit me up through the stairwell into the backrooms.


I suspect for every player doing this to cheat, there are 3 that are doing it for a more legit reason.
Bearing in mind a single mission often takes 30-40 minutes on harder levels:

  1. I still can’t believe there’s not a ‘take a break’ button like in L4D2 that lets a bot take over for a minute. There’s one good reason right there.

  2. After 30 minutes you are kicked randomly from the game. Disconnect / whatever. AltF4 equivalent right there. Admittedly less often now than a year ago. If I wasn’t able to rejoin a game I wouldn’t have made it past January 23.

  3. As above posts; you’re thrown out of bounds. Then what? No suicide button.


If alt+f4 could be detected, they could maybe limit it to 1x per mission per player.

1x would not be a huge annoyance if “abused”, but would usually be enough for people to get unstuck.
It would also help if there was a “/suicide” or "/unstuck"command for really bad cases where you get stuck.

Aside from that, i think that the acceptable use cases currently far outweigh the annoying and cheaty use cases. Punishing the “cheaters” would also punish many more regular players, so it is not a good option right now.

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