Suggestion: Party Preview in Brower (and keeping coins on quick exit) & level restrictions

Can we please get the ability to preview the party makeup in the lobby browser?
It would be a huge boost to QoL if we can see the careers AND levels, my biggest gripe is joining legend or cata runs filled with underleveled players. It’s also helpful to join as a career that would help group if you can see the roles being filled.
Alternatively, Legend and Cata runs should be restricted to level 35 unless joining off a friend’s list (and made private by default).
Furthermore, Pilgrim Coins you went in with should be kept when exiting a lobby within 30s.

Seems like 50-75% of the games these days are filled with lowbies (very often w/ red ping) on legend and sometimes cata, and quite frankly it is a waste of time and any coins you may have retained from previous run. This just happened a few minutes ago…(and again as of edit)

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Maybe it’d be nice to see player level above the 35 or if there were some kind of player ranking based on win/lose ratio. I also want to be able to at the very least see what classes are in a lobby before I join.

Here is my lobby browser after about 3 Cataclysm games ending in failure; all found just by using quick play. The search distance for quick play was set to far, but nobody’s here, and yes, there are plenty if you want to play Champion or Legend. What time UTC are all you Cata warriors out here in the forums playing Chaos Wastes? The evening hours here are usually great times to find a match, just always seem to run out of Cataclysm players.

The first game ended on an easier beastmen+bannermen chest of trials during a Khorne curse. I suggested for the first time ever that maybe we should skip. They opened it. We lost; all three of them died kiting bannermen and beastmen horde around for no more than 10 seconds. One said, and I quote, “If you win but skip a chest of trials you’re still a loser. P-Word move.”

The second two, with the same team, two fairly new players, one under 35 with bardin playing Ranger Vet just kept going down over and over. It ended pretty quick due to inexperience.

I can’t find a match I can connect to with a full team of regular cataclysm players ready for the challenge. Since this update, 100% of my matches have been a loss by mission #3 or less.