Ability to name our lobby


would it be possible to give us the ability to name our lobbies? Those that show up in the lobby browser.
Especially helpful for people that do all books cata while most dont have Curse Resistance equipped or any other reason.
Here is a picture on how it could be done. Maybe also possible to have a “Lobby Description” section next to the map or whereever is free space

Thanks for reading

Good idea but with one remark: “no elf allowed” should be default caption :grin:


In theory a nice idea. However, a sizeable chunk of the player joins through quickplay. As such they would not now what the lobby wants before joining, effectively resulting in the same pointless discussions:

“Why did you pick up the Grim? I wrote no books in the lobby description.”
“Didn’t see that.”

Then discussion about throwing away or not and potentially players leaving or getting kicked. Granted all of this happens already so it would help a bit for the part of community which joins by lobby browser.

But hey, I would welcome an autmated marking of Twitch Lobbies so that I can ignore them better.

i did not think about this scenario and you’re right. I can’t think of an option that would work with the quickplay joining apart from completely restructuring the quickplay process. That’d just be too much work.

But yea: for those that join through the lobby browser it will be a good thing and it might even motivate more players to access the Lobby Browser more regularly instead of just clicking quickplay and not knowing what to expect.

QP in itself is a bit of a red herring, in that the XP bonus isn’t particularly worth the slight risk, although it stops the whole “Run Horn of Magnus repeatedly” thing from VT1.

QP’ing into Nurgloth, Dark Omens or (old)Convo was actually more chance to not get XP than complete the map chosen via lobby browser and get a completion.

I use lobby browser a lot, and seeing the Chaos Wastes browser gives me some hope for Darktide to get a tweaked version of the ChW browser. Having said that, I think back to older games that had full control over lobby names - something like Dawn of War had “2v2 No noobs, no rushers, kick necrons” and a MASSIVE list of half full lobbies with everyone waiting for exactly the right kind of people to play with but huge amounts of people not actually playing because they’re simply waiting.

I’d rather not have a return to that tbh.

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