Server name or description while hosting

When we host a game, please let us put in a title or description for our server. This would be infinitely useful to tell people what we are up to:

“Legend Clears - No Books”
“Twitch Mode”
“Okri’s Challenge - No Torches”

This would show in the lobby browser of course, but when joining a quickplay it would be super nice to have a little pop-up with the name/description on loading so that players have an idea what they are joining into.


Might be a good idea. But I, for example, only host games if the Quickplay Join cant connect me to a usefull lobby.

So every hosted lobby is pretty short lived I believe. I also believe most people use only Quickplay, because of the bonus.

Might be interesting when (if) those dedicated servers come out. And even how exactly they will get implemented…

You’d be surprised. People doing their champ/leg clears on a hero will keep a lobby open for quite a while.


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