Do not QP people CW past a certain point


Basically, what the subject says. We were playing CW yesterday as a team of 3 and then a guy QP-ed into our game while we were fighting our way through the totem platforms right before the Citadel’s final arena.
The only upgrade he could use was a red sword, but he didn’t have enough coins left over.
Needless to say that this was unfun for both parties.

Maybe close CW lobbies for QP past, say, a 4th map or something?


The host of your game can always set it to private anyway. It would be a neat QoL feature to auto-private the game after the 3rd map or something, but tbf, I don’t think it’s that much of an issue. And anyway, what’s to say a person can’t enjoy themselves in the final arena after just joining. Yeah, they don’t have any upgrades, but that isn’t causation for a bad time.

I agree, I’ve been that late joiner and it sucks being so weak and useless while teammates steamroll everything

An exception I personally enjoy is when I join right before the expedition/citadel run ends and everyone starts joking that I carried and I just go along with it cause its funny and all and I get the 2 free emps and its all good times.


Sure you’re not as strong as your team but your team has also already received extra coins for the absence of a last member and you’re still going to be better than a bot and if you win, that’s easy boxes.

I don’t think it’s right - a player should be still better than a mindless bot, even without the upgrades.

That in itself is quite questionable unfortunately - even in Cata. However, it is also a problem of the reverse perspective - is joining into the Citadel actually fun for a person without coins, boons or weapons?

I think a good solution would be for autojoining players to get a certain number of boons upon joining. Maybe the game could tally the number of added boons each other player has acquired over the run and then assign an appropriate number of random boons to the new player? It might not be as good as a normally-acquired build owing to the higher level of chance involved, but it would be an order of magnitude better than the current situation.
Even better, Fatshark could do the same, but implement an in-game menu to let the new player choose some of those boons from a list; basically just copying over the menu from the challenge altars would work. Let the new player activate that menu through the [tab] player screen or something, and everything would be bueno imo.

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Yeah well we’re talking about a game where you cannot even see what curse is applied to the current map. This level of UEx is just unreachable for FS.

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