Suggestion: Monster Rewards

So after a week+ of the POB, I think one thing that stood out to my group (among the many) was the lack of any reward for monstrosity take-downs. In VT2, this was done very visually by the monster dropping a loot die on death but those don’t exist in Darktide so perhaps a block of diamantine or plasteel with a chance of diamantine. On the other hand, if that’s somewhat immersion breaking -though I don’t know anyone who felt the loot dice took them out of the experience- then perhaps it could just be an extra reward at the end screen. Call it Rannick’s Bounty where he would dish out a bounty for every monster killed in a successful run. It could be in crafting mats to be a little special or just dockets so at least we get something for it.

As it currently stands, monsters are kinda just a pain in the ***. The daemonhosts especially are just landmines. Beyond killing your first for the achievement, there’s no benefit. No sense of high risk-high reward gameplay, just pure high risk. Maybe that’s how you want it and the only reward is knowing that you have served the Emperor especially well this day, but it feels like it’s not much of a stretch for Rannick to pay out some extra dockets for eliminating a serious threat from the hive.


I really like resource drops as an idea for monstrosities. Like 2 random large containers. Imo the resources picked up during a stage feels really stingy. I hate opening an empty chest but opening an empty large chest should be impossible. I think resource drops should be 50% more abundant.

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