Monstrosities should drop Crafting mats. Amount depending on difficulty

There is no reward for killing a boss/lord. In V2 we got loot dices to help us get best lootbox. in DT there is nothing.

Let bosses drop crafting materials on death. Both. Amount depends on difficulty like for example:

1: 10/10
2: 20/20
3: 30/30
4: 40/40
5: 50/50

Give people reward for killing that monsters Fatshark.



Would be nice. Monsters currently disappointing from both a mechanics and rewards angle relative to VT2. Pretty graphics though.

I concur, would also give a good reason to hunt down daemonhosts if your team is coordinated enough

It would incentive grind on regular mobs, I don’t agree at all.
Now bosses providing bonus material, now that’s something I agree. Ok you wanna tackle daemonhost? Risk and reward, instead of it just being a brick in the pathing that you have to avoid.

What? Monsters are just bosses, not regular mobs. Though it could be my mistake as in DT those are “Monstrosities” vs “Monsters” in Vermintide 2. So maybe my post wasn’t clear enough.

Monsters thought it implied mobs in general, just miscommunication no harm done.

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No problem, I will fix the title :slight_smile:

100% yes, in general I wish we had more interesting contracts with side objectives /bosses.

Monsters are a joke already so lets make them a pinata :smiley:

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