Have Bosses/demonhosts drop crafting supplies

Currently Monstrosities are only needed for completing the weekly contracts… that’s it… there’s no in-play rewards for defeating them, like in vermintide 2 for example you defeat a boss/mini-boss and they dropped loot dice,which gave you increased chance of a higher end chest at EOR (or you could get them from the sack rat)

But in Darktide there is nothing,no incentive to engage a Daemonhost except for potentially losing a squad member and expending a tonne of health/ammo,unless you have a good ogryn shield boi that is.

My suggestion is for bosses to drop diamantine + plassteel bundle as well as a random health/ammo crate (could be tiered with difficulty,so heresy /damnation would have “large bundle” compared to uprising etc.


I suppose that 'd be more intelligent to retrieve some components from “disenchanting” weapons and curiosities as it was in Vermintide. Making bosses drop some components is not that bad but you can do missions without encountering any boss, so…
Anyway, there should be a recycling option for stuff.

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I don’t want demonhosts to drop anything. They are meant to be avoided, it creates conflicting incentives when attacking them gives you a reward.


Id rather see Deamonhosts be a Risk/Reward thing.

The reward being a guaranteed Gift at the end weighed against the state and composition on your squad.

Question should be:
Do we risk fighting it for bonus loot and spending resources we might need later, or leave it and prioritise mission completion instead.

Would also resolve the issue of an accidental encounter (Audio cue doesnt always play for everyone, ive had more than run have to fight one because a retreating horde walked right over it without its sound cue occuring before being hit, or another occasion where it was sitting behind a corner, so it was activated pretty much instantly before we could even see it) and the team just abandons whoever activated it.
I once had to solo one on my knife zealot because the squad just ignored me after one of the aforementioned accidents.
An accidental activation leading to bonus loot would see teams more keen to rescue than abandon.


And it will be a constant source of annoyance to be teamed up with people who assess those odds poorly.


I was saying this early on too. People need an incentive to want to fight the Daemonhost as it is. Everyone just walks past it as if it wasn’t even in the game.


That’s what you’re supposed to do. They’re an environmental hazard to avoid, not a boss to fight for any reward. They’re all risk no reward and they should stay all risk no reward.


Why even add them to the game? That’s boring. There should be a risk reward. They could just replace them with a pool of corruption on the ground and it would have the same effect.


They shouldn’t have been added to the game, environmental hazards aren’t particularly interesting imo. It just adds something to get annoyed at your teammates over for triggering at a bad time.

Sure you can argue that having an enemy that doesn’t move and should be avoided isn’t all that interesting, but you absolutely should not get rewarded for triggering it. That defeats the whole purpose of adding an enemy you can avoid.

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Have them Scan the corpse, for Hadron. We even have a mission scanning how the plague is mutating.

What a glorious sight to be able to scan a daemon? Nah its dead. Burn it! (both lore accurate)

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Well I think they are. Environmental challenges are cool and brings variety to an already static level. I don’t view the Daemonhost as such. It’s a boss you can interact with.

Then you’re misinterpreting their purpose.

Another issue slightly related to the daemonhost being an environmental hazard/obstacle is that it seems like the dynamic path randomisation is still off. You know in both Vermintides and Left4Deads where your path through a map can change a little bit because there’s a fence there or it’s walled off or a gate/door is closed and sealed? I remember in the pre-order beta that they said turned that system off and as fair as I can tell, never turned back on.

I was wondering about this feature. I remember a lot of players saying the game was supposed to have it, but I never saw FS confirm it and it’s clearly not in game so far.

Plague Ogryn and Beasts should drop something relevant and rewarding.

Demonhosts I think also should give an incentive to fight. The idea they are just environmental hazards is fun and all but it’s actively an unfun element in many runs. One of my main party members just wants to have fun and fight bosses, but there’s no reason for us to sit in one fight for 20-60 seconds while we kill a demonhost and we all just tell him to ignore the demon and we move on with our life.

I rarely play with randoms, and making the demon a possible (nearly) teamwipe because a dumb teammate chose to aggro the demon is a feel bad. As far as I am aware, the demon aggros to one person, kills them, then choses a new target to kill and then leaves. If this is how it works, maybe only have the demon aggro to people who damaged the demon, so if one person chose to aggro the rest of the team doesn’t get punished.

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Why not? You can still avoid it, but if you want to kill it you’re rewarded. If you don’t want to because you’re weak already, you can just go about the level collecting the usual materials.

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It’s not supposed to be an optional boss. It’s supposed to be a danger you have to avoid.

It’s the same problem as mines in Fallout. Because you can pick them up and keep them it changes minefields from “Oh no, I’m in a minfield!” to “Sweet, I’m in a minefield!”. Player behavior goes from avoiding mines to actively seeking them out. There is a reason why you cannot reuse mines in real life. Turns out people don’t want to give their enemies free mines.

First of all, the fact that you’re comparing a named boss with a health bar to an inanimate object, a mine, is ridiculous.

Second, even going through a mine field is risk/ reward. You risk being blown up for picking up mines to use later against other enemies.


Not everything has to be risk vs. reward Sometimes things have to just be risks.

What’s next? You’re going to demand that every chasm you can fall into sometimes leads you to a secret loot room instead? Because, you know, it should be risk vs. reward. If your team can afford losing a member then why not check for a loot room in that hole?